R32 GT-R coming soon

Hey guys… just wanted to post a couple pics of my new car for this summer :smiley:



It’s a March 1990 car, so I hope to have it anytime in March or April. Thanks to Import Concern, Christian was really great in helping me out with this one.


don’t expect it for about 2 months from it being shipped! it took my first sil just over 2 moinths the first time and the second one took about 1.5, it is stupid how long customs takes to clear a car sometimes :@ grrrrr

About time Dave. The pulsar finally has some compition since Mats miata spools to slow.

I waited soo long for my last car because of shipping and such …
I love the blue …good luck with it

nice ride ive always wanted a GTR but to baller for me lol

Ah well we’ll just have to see how long it’ll take to get here, it’s a March 1990 build, so I figure end of April or mid May at the latest, even then there’s probably gonna be snow on the ground.

I can’t drive it too much when I get it until I get it tuned for 91 octane gas :frowning: but hey at least it’ll beat the crap out of your pulsar Kelly :smiley:


You should be able to ship it in February to arrive at the start of March.

Yeah I thought about that, but what if it arrives on Feb 28th by freak accidental fast shipping? I don’t even know what the average shipping time is.

I was told the boats were backed up i Japan a while ago, but it’s all cleared up now so it shouldn’t be 3 months like some of the other people have experienced.

I was told 4-7 weeks, does that sound about right?

Husky stations are starting to sell 94 octane now


shipping across the sea isn’t the problem that takes 10 days! then they need to unload the car at port 3 days and thats if it starts, then u need to get a broker to clear the car for you! import concern is probably doing all that anyways but if u don’t have all the papers there then it is a bitch and takes a long time! then truck/train transport from van to edmonton to calgary, it is usually held up at the port cuz some lazy ass just doesnt want to signe a piece of p[aper! haha, oh and i forgot to say in myt frist post, CLEAN ass skyline :slight_smile: looks awsome


Yeah 1GAlty, I’ve looked into 94 octane, but the trouble is that isn’t going to be readily available when I run this beast to Toronto this summer.

I’d be stopping at quite a few gas stations in the middle of nowhere, I’d hate to have to realy on Husky stations only… If only 94 was more widely available… :frowning:

Thanks Rob, it took me a while to find a decent car with a spring manufacture date. So do ya figure I’d be alright if I got it on a boat around Feb 20th?

I’ll have to talk to Christian about that, he knows what’s going on better than me :smiley: IC is doing everything to get the car to my door, due to me being a lazy ass :stuck_out_tongue: Either way it doesn’t matter too much when it gets here, I’m not gonna drive it in the snow.


yeah to bad there wasnt 94 all the way east. damn prairies…oh well at least it will be a fun drive down. They should be able to book you car for febuary on k-lines, i do believe there is still room.

if you can find a chevron they have 94, other than that some Mohawks are selling 93 now. as of right now im running 92 with 7 point octane booster running stock boost. just make sure your car doesnt have a mines ECU, if it does get rid of the ecu or bye bye RB26. other than that have fun with your car :slight_smile:

why would a Mines ECU mean that your engien is going to die ? just rated for more octane or what ? I have a CA18det Mines ECU …what of it ?


No ECU for me… as far as I know the only add-ons are front and rear sway bars/strut bars? Whatever you call em :smiley:

Yea yea, I know about the crappy paint on the manifold :frowning: gotta take care of that

Does anybody know what brand those are BTW?


Juran maybe …they are strut bars of course …
no ECU ? so how is the vehicle being driven on and off the ship/container?

he means no mines ECU. but ya the manifold paint is shab on 99.9% of the early model RB26’s. im gonna bead blast mine and get it powdercoated, or just buy a after market on if i can find one for a half decent price. good luck with your car man. youll absolutely love the motor. :wink:

Yeah no Mine’s ECU… shoulda been more specific. As far as I know those strut bars are the only mods on the car.

I’m either going to get that manifold stripped down and painted or polished, I haven’t decided yet, I guess durability and price will be my deciding factors. I know if you get your wheels polished they are a bitch to take care of, and once you mess them up it’s really hard to make them look nice again. Maybe I’ll get it powder coated, can that stand a lot of heat though?


get it chromed, it looks so hott when its chrome.