my audi urq

this is 1 of 664 sold in the usa .

5 cylinder turbo, all wheel drive, 5 speed. 78k miles. car has been in storage since 91.

i need to go over it. nothing major as the car is solid rust free. problem lies in that it has been in storage since 1991. so EVERYTHING needs gone over.

mod wise, im keeping it stock. dont need a fast car, i got that covered. so 200 hp will do. i dont need a high hp car for on the the the street or in the dirt. thats right— once im done, im going to drive it–and run it at rally cross races too.

Pretty sweet car cant wait to see pics of it slinging dirt around!!

Does the previous owner own the Noble too or is that a Mosler?

every car in both pics are different customer’s cars. the sunny pic- the silver car is a noble m400 twin turbo v6. the blue porsche on the other side is no slouch either. it is a euro market 964 turbo that i had done some upgrades to.

pics of my car were taken at work. i love my job :slight_smile: who gets tired going in to work and geting paid to play w/ cars like that.

NICE find. 80’s rally hotness and definitely a collectible. :bigthumb:


How did you score that thing? Very cool.

Nice find Sailor … Good luck


Awesome, those are sick. Good snag.

Oh and… where do you work? PM me if you don’t want to say. Pretty interesting place it looks like.

more pics when you get a chance

nice. used to work on a 5cyl turbo car. that thing ripped and handled very well for the miles that were on it. looks like a good score sailor. congrats

nice pick up! glad to hear you are so happy with the job as well.

Very nice pick-up Sailor. Can’t wait to see that thing flying around in the dirt! Thats one of those classic rally vehicles.

thanks. i dont plan on making it my primary rally cross car–or even my primary daily driver. more of a fun car. but i will race it from time to time.

my civic will still be my primary rally cross car–im deffinitely more comfortable in a fwd car than anything else.

i work at a shop in cory/sewickly tha specializes in porsche/audi and german cars in general. it is on stoops ferry road down from RMU. petes european.

Impressive find, Good luck with it.
If you’re ever ready to sell it… down the road let me know I want that, and might even have the cash.

Awesome ride!

Holy **** Sails…that is one hot buggy. Early 80’s WRC widebodys on that chassis are super nice. Finding one of those nowadays is almost impossible. Congrats man.

I know where you are… the former location of GP Collision. The shop looks nice.

correct. swing in sometime if you want.

sweet ride buddy

Awesome find! That was my favorite car when it came out. I had a couple Scirrocos at that time and could never have afforded an Audi.
You commute from Smithton to Cory? That’s a haul.
Do you do side work? I’m trying to round up as many solid VAG people as I can for my engine build.