my car won't start

it’s a mitsubishi diamonte for those of you that don’t know. when i try to start it nothing. the lights work, radio works, all that crap works. so i checked for spark and got nothing. anyone know’s what i have to replace to get it to start?

does it turn over? starter just clicks? need more info

like it does everything to start, but won’t actually start. it turn’s over but nothing everytime

can u smell fuel? ah nevermind i just noticed u said your not getting spark… is this the sohc v6? with coil pack?

i’m not sure it could be, i know it is the 3.0L v6

yea thats the one…i can’t remember if the sohc has coilpacks like the dohc does…if it does tho i’d check that. i know they are a problem on 3000gt’s

yeah, that’s probably it then. thanks a lot man

sohcs have distributors, dohcs have coil packs. it would help to know which motor it is :slight_smile: if all 3 coils are dead, in the case that its a dohc, its not likely thats the direct cause… it could be a lot of things. get a little more info for us.

yeah yeah, i’ll let ya know which motor it is tomorrow when it get’s towed to my house lol

so whats the story on it?