My favorite thread is missing

Search doesn’t seem to be working so I can’t find my favorite offbeat thread - most of you should know which one it is. Google will find it but then redirects you to a NYspeed for sale thread.

Somebody help me out.

PM me if you must but I need a bit more information to fix the issue.

Thread title would help the most.

Yeah we’ve noticed search giving funky results but there is a way to make it work.

Click ‘Advanced’ search under the search bar, then choose the ‘Single Content’ tab instead of the ‘Multiple Content’ tab. ‘Multiple Content’ search seams to give the wrong results. I use ‘Single Content’ search and usually search by thread title.

@tpgsr I don’t think there is a way to turn off / change ‘Multiple Content’ search from default (I’ve looked) but if you know a way let me know.

We found the problem. There are a few forums that were public before that were made private after the merge. The thread he was looking for was in one such forum. I’m getting them all back to normal (pre-merge) but if anyone sees another forum that’s missing let us know :tup:

I noticed the same issue when clicking on a users name trying to navigate to their profile

You can PM me if you dont want to post it but can you give me a specific user?

Yes, his/her name was @n00gaM