My Forester off roading......

Alright so recently after having a child and just being sick of driving my slammed 4-door Integra through the winter, I bought a project. A 98 Forester 5mt that needed head gaskets and some other work. 2 valves replaced, new seals, gaskets, tensioners, clutch, water pump…etc.

Well after having it back for officially 3 days, the weather decides to spike up 50 degrees and melt all the snow I was playing in and enjoying driving through!!! So I went to visit my father out in B.F.E the other day and decided what the hell, I’ll take some back roads/state roads over to where I need to be. So after about 6-7 miles of beat ass roads made of dirt and loose gravel we come across a 50 yard section that was nothing but 4-5’’ of flood waters that had over ran and now were running through the road. My wifey looks at me and goes “So are we turning around now?” I roll up to the edge, look across it and say “Nope, I’m going right…there” as I pointed to the middle of this river and we ended up driving right through it along with alot of other areas that I could never have gone with my Teg.

So with the Forester I’m having fun instead of dreading to make my drive to work.

Hopefully I’ll hit it again before it freezes over and get some pics of it!!


How fast was the water moving? You’d be amazed how little moving water it takes to sweep a car away, especially a low to the ground little wannabe truck like a Forester.

Standing water though, plow in until it reaches the intake and dies. I love watching cars in water up to the windows stuck on the news.

lol awesome i love bombing through shit and over curbs and stuff in the cackord, shit i wouldnt even think of doing in the bimmer

in the bimmer i hit a pot hole and think my car is going to shake apart

so you drive a les-bo car and have a fun time getting it wet?

I love my lesbo/hippie Subaru wagon.

I have 7.3 inches of ground clearance, which is more than a fair amount of other SUV’s and I know Foresters have more clearance than my Legacy Outback, get 30mpg, and can bomb thru some good sloppy mud, and snow even with crappy no-name B-Traction all-seasons.