My garage remodel

You shouldnt. I havent painted it yet, ever.


Looking good. I’ve been working in mine here and there, but I really need to step it up.


Well done! Inspiring for sure.

When I did the garage remodel I had planned on building a cabinet for this area from some plans I found online. I never did it b/c of time and cost. Fast forward a year or so.

Picked up some used lockers from the recycle place near my house for $140. They were in pretty good shape, just a little rusty here and there from sitting outside.

As purchased

We wanted a some bigger compartments for longer items (mostly bag chairs etc) so I modified a couple of the doors to open together.

Cleaned up the surface rust and spray bom some etching primer.

Then sprayed them with some rustoleum professional oil based. I used my primer gun which worked great. I think I just thinned it out 5% or something.

Reassembled and installed.

I still havent trimmed the wall to ceiling joints nor painted the man doors. Maybe in 2019. haha.


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Almost finished up my garage hose project.

Been “living” with it like this for a couple years now i think.

Mounted the valves to a plate.

Had a buddy bend up the outer trim piece, which the valve plate mounts to, and then mounts to the wall

Decent fit

ARP hardware

Added some red and blue heatshrink for the levers.

Eventually Ill have the panel powder coated but I dont have enough other parts to justify it rn.

Also having some engraved tags so i can lable the bucket and hose valves, should have them mid july.



Super cool and creative!!

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That looks awesome.

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‘decent fit’ lol

That’s a nice 2nd home you built.

I seem to be gathering rims and had a very similar plan to use one as a hose reel.
It would have been nearly identical to what you did with the exception of everything that you did. I probably would not have even cut the rim.

I instead used it to hide a flower pot my wife put in front of the garage door.
It’s a game we play where she keeps moving it and I put it back.

My wife and I play the same game with our bank accounts.


Real life lol

I still havent painted the inside of the doors…
But 6 winters later the floor is holding up.


What did you use? I was just digging up a couple months ago the old thread on here regarding DIY floor coating with rust oleum and I can’t recall if you had posted in that or not. Was planning to go that route next summer.

U coat it. Water base epoxy and solvent clear. I did grind first which i highly recommend. I guarantee itd have peeled by now if i just acid washed

Your concrete has to be in really good shape or the epoxy won’t stay long. If the concrete is beat up, there’s almost no point really. Just go on eBay and buy some flakes, and go to Lowe’s and have them mix up some concrete paint to whatever color you want and have fun. You’ll end up doing this process every 2-3 years depending upon how much peels up. Pro tip-do this a few weeks before you list your house for sale!

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Get some hellfire coating from Legacy Industrial, incredible product.

i dont think i’ll ever have a personal garage that clean or finished :frowning:

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FINALLY (5yrs later) got two of the man doors painted. Was too windy last weekend to have them all off at once.