My garage remodel


You shouldnt. I havent painted it yet, ever.



Looking good. I’ve been working in mine here and there, but I really need to step it up.



Well done! Inspiring for sure.


When I did the garage remodel I had planned on building a cabinet for this area from some plans I found online. I never did it b/c of time and cost. Fast forward a year or so.

Picked up some used lockers from the recycle place near my house for $140. They were in pretty good shape, just a little rusty here and there from sitting outside.

As purchased

We wanted a some bigger compartments for longer items (mostly bag chairs etc) so I modified a couple of the doors to open together.

Cleaned up the surface rust and spray bom some etching primer.

Then sprayed them with some rustoleum professional oil based. I used my primer gun which worked great. I think I just thinned it out 5% or something.

Reassembled and installed.

I still havent trimmed the wall to ceiling joints nor painted the man doors. Maybe in 2019. haha.