My garage remodel

With the barn done I finally wanted to finally redo the attached garage as its now simply a place to park.

This happened back in September, but Ive been too lazy to post pics and do a write-up.

Our garage door opener died, so I decided to get the Liftmaster 8500 shaft mounted setup. Its so good, super quiet and small.

Instead of trying run the wires through the walls I mounted some conduit to the sides of the door frame, it worked out well.

Before pics:
For whatever reason, probably a lack of desire, I never finished the ceiling in the garage when we built the house back in 2003. It has only had the tape and one coat of mud on since. Naturally this meant it was more or less all loose and / or falling off.

Of course when they rocked the ceiling the garage doors were already in and they hacked the rock around the mounts, it drove me nuts. So out all the mess came so I could patch the holes and make some nice, clean door mounts…get to those in a bit.

Patched about a million holes in the walls and redid all the mud/tape on the ceiling and back wall (behind my bench. when it was my shop I had plywood on the wall there)

I wanted to try my hand at kockdown texture so I started with the ceiling. My original plan was to do the whole garage, but after doing the ceiling I decided that was enough. It did turn out great, but doing the walls too seemed a bit much.

Painted and lights back up

I even cleaned up the old dirty ceiling fan. Go magic erasers.

Now back to the garage door track mounts. I just hate the multi hole crap they normally use so I decided to make some new ones out of 1" square tubing. Capped the ends, painted them up, and moved the triangulation to the attic above for a clean look.

Bolted up. Also trimmed the extra track so it doesnt extend past the supports.

Up next was the floor. Naturally working on cars in there for the past 13 years it was quite stained and chipped here/there. Luckily we never parked our daily drivers in there so it wasnt subjected to any salt, phew. My yfather in law happened to win a U Coat It epoxy kit at a car show a few years ago and never used it. He graciously gave it to me along with the two part clear top coat that he bought for it.

I used some two part epoxy filler for the holes, and chips etc.

In reading everyone’s horror stories about epoxy failing I decided to both etch it and mechanically scuff it. So I spent the good part of a day running this thing to scuff everything and ensure water would not bead up anywhere. Honestly it cleaned up a lot easier than I thought considering all the oil that either leaked or spilled over the years.

Pretty easy to see the difference here.

Then epoxy time. Obviously Id since re-painted the walls but pics of that are pretty boring (worse than the rest of these, heh)

First coat

Second coat and flakes

Cleared. I ialso added Shark Grip to the clear. It provides very good anti slip without being super harsh like a sand grit would be.

Then it was time to redo the cabinets that I had been using for years and some “new” ones that I picked up from a guy at work when he was remodeling his kitchen.

All painted up, new hardware, installed.

Finally, I wanted the lower half to be fairly water proof. FPR was the answer, but I hate the white or super muted grey they stock locally so I special ordered a medium grey color. I was able to match up the color to a stock SW exterior paint color which I used to paint the exposed block and cabinets.

Heater cleaned up and reinstalled. Also sectioned a deck post in half to serve as a wire track for the 220V and 20A 110v outlets.

When your scribe game is tight.

Finally, I wanted a rad hose reel and hot/cold water setup. I scored a bent up BBS wheel, cut it up, had it powder coated and mounted it on a custom bracket with some spare ARP bolts and Multeki lug nuts. For the water I did 4 valves… two feed a dual bucket filler for car washes, and the other the hose. I have plans to make a cool trim panel to hide the PEX and valves etc, I just havent felt like spending the time on it just yet. Maybe in the next month or so.

Well I suppose finally finally I need to paint the doors trim and get it installed. Id also like to repaint the doors once it warms up again.


Man you just never stop do you? Awesome stuff :tup:

I try not to. :slight_smile: and thanks!

Holy shit. Whoever buys your house next will be one lucky guy!

Im never moving. Gona attempt one house for life

Edit: i suppose somday someone else will own it lol

lol, yeah I was referring to many years down the road. But someone is going to see the listing and think…

I was thinking the same…you’re like a machine…

nice shit as always

Looks great, especially the custom hose hanger. Little touches like that go a long way.

Looks awesone!

My garage would make you puke, it’s a mess.

Man, here I am like a putz trying to get my basement organized and cleaned up and you’re over there building the cabby, this…my god.

Looks awesome. I love the way the floor turned out and that is a pretty bad ass hose reel :tup:

Badass. Curious to see how the epoxy holds up to the hot tires over time. Floors are next on my list.

So far so good. After the first winter its still nearly perfect. There is just a few scratches near the one tire where I park, either from super gritty tire, or from when I shoveled out the slushy muck a couple times. I just hosed it out and string moped it sunday, still clean and shiny as ever. I think a full summer will tell a better story.


grinding & prepping the floor was probably key here

No doubt. Which is why I spent the extra time to do it. Hopefully it lasts a long time.


I wonder if dropping somthing like an impact socket on it would chip it? I was thinking about doing this to my floor as well…

Probably. Its quite tough, but if it would chip the concrete, I dont think a layer of epoxy is gona stop it.

Thats probably the failure mode, chipped concrete under it, more than the epoxy chipping off of the concrete. Itd still be way better than nothing!


Only took 7 months but I finally trimmed out the two exterior man doors. Even caulked them to the jambs and painted to the door seals. Still need to do the doors and the trim/door going into the house. Its a huge improvement though.

Door seals out for painting.

Found a piece of diamond plate in the scrap bin at work and sheared it to size. I more or less hate diamond plate, but it looks finished and will be much more durable than paint.


I don’t like the door color.