My phone takes rediculously good pictures

for a phone at least…

Went into Circuit City on Union, came out and this was next to me


Howie knows how sweet this phone is

wow for a camera phone that is damn good…which phone?

Motorola E815

…Hold on… let me OBEX over a couple other pictures :smiley:

Couple others of my girl

She looks naked at Tim Horton’s

and outside a restaurant

EDIT: Wow those came out big…

not too shabby…what mega pixel is it? mine is 1mp.

holy crap… better than i expected…

1mp??? I didnt think that came that crappy

On a phone??? They don’t come too much higher than 1.3 yet

There’s some $1,500 mobile device that has a 2.something

But any average phone isnt even 1 megapixel

Mine’s 1.3

that is pretty good quality

My friend has the first 2.0 MP cam phone, don’t think they are as good as those though. nice…

and nice girlie

yea, i have the phone as well, it kicks ass.

Aside from a Lotus, that would be my next supercar pick. LOVE the NSX…

Oh yeah Ryan, in regards to Heather, I peed in her butt the other night.

now photochop a c5 z06 next to it and maybe you will see why people STILL pick the nsx over a vette.

damn good pics too. very clear for a camera

haha sweet…I helped the owner of that NSX out (I work in the Roadshop at that CC)


^^ what?

nsx = sex

vette = red nex

I’d take the vette… especially a C6 Z06, though… Absolutely gorgeous

not a bad pic. The 2mp samsung camphone is ok… the edges of the pics can get real fuzzy.

I will stick to watching family guy and Wedding Crashers on my phone :slight_smile: