My RCSB escarado ground-up

I originally bought the truck off of bill (beastmode) and was going to “just put a 6 liter in it with a cam” well that snowballed a little bit.

basics (stock): 2001 regular cab short bed ls silverado 4.8 auto. Has high miles, but the truck was super clean, so i figured it would make a good builder.

some pics when I got the truck from beastmode

the boneyard 6.0 i bought sat for a while and when i decided to put it in i found out that it was hydrolocked. waited too log to take it back so i figured what the hell if its gotta come apart…

Over the winter I built the 408 and installed. specs were: 408cid 6.0 block, 12:1 compression, ported ls6 heads, ARP studs, tsp torquer v3 cam, ls6 intake, f body accessories, kooks 1 7/8" f body headers to dual 3 1/2" cutouts. Bought the trans from bill ( he had rebuilt for his truck by hodge) 4l60e with vacuum modulator. I installed a precision 4000 stall convertor. Rear end was stock 10 bolt with Detroit tru-trac and 4:56’s. Tons of other minor details, but this was the basics.

The demise of the 408: Some jackass didn’t change the fuel filter and ran the tank too low at the track (my dumb ass) and ran last two cylinders lean in the loop. Didn’t really notice but the truck had a very slight noise at idle. Changed the oil and some metal was found. So time to yank the 408 and install the built ls1 i also bought from bill.

Installed the ls1 with all the accessories from the 408 and was out with quik tuning and the oil pressure kept getting lower and lower. At this point summer is almost over and i was a little disgusted with the truck so i waited till winter and went with the total tear down and some major motor and body mods too.

New Plans

410 inch stroker, 6.o block, -20cc dish wiseco pistons with “317” 6.0 heads with dual valve springs. 9.1 :1 compression. Transfer f-body accessories over and weld motor mounts,

Dual walbro intak 340’s with dual 3/8 line to 1/2" fuel line with a Dirt late model fuel filter ( 2" x 12" long!), 60lb siemens deka injectors (till i would max or go to e85) fed by speed inc hi flow fuel rails and magnafuel boost ref. regulator

ls2 intake with 90mm tb, ebay intercooler (31x12x4), Bought the infamous 702 horse log with t4 flange and crossover from quik. Got a driver side 6.0 manifold from Jeff. Fab the downpipe as I go with 4" cutout and diesel muffler. Haven’t bought turbo, boost controller, gate or bov yet. still shopping:naughty: possible methanol injection and 2 step down the road.

built 4l80e and 3200 stall convertor (as soon as i find one and can afford it!) already have heavy duty driveshaft with 1350 joints. Might go with a bellhousing shield, all the clutch and flexplate explosions on youtube im a little scared!

Mcgaughys 2" front spindles and belltech 2" rear leafs with 2" shackles for a 2/4 drop. Front calipers, rotors and pads from 2006 silverado/sierra (bigger and thicker rotors). Rear calipers, pads and rotors from 2006 yukon/tahoe (dual piston larger calipers and larger and thicker rotors) budget big brake kit! Got a hydroboost setup from a 2500hd for more pressure and no worries with boost about vacuum. Caltracs for the track. changing the gears in the 10 bolt back to 3:73’s run it till she blows. then fab an old bodystyle 6 lug 14 bolt I got out of another truck in it.

2006 escalade front clip kit (looking for an O.E. grille the generic one i got with the kit is garbage), shaved roll pan and gate handle, and tailgate spoiler. Black and candy apple red paint scheme with light silver separating stripe. Don’t know exactly how I want it yet but have a general idea. 07-up escalade chrome 22’s when i find a good deal on a set. One caddy crest on the gate and in the grille. CTS V “V” emblems on the doors and right lower tailgate for the “go fast” caddy look.

Eh. Tint the windows dark and call it a day! maybe mods later but not top priority.

here is some teardown pics

Fresh powdercoated frame and some re-assembly started

Im not the best photographer so cut me some slack!

More to come soon. It might sound like I skipped a bit in the timeline but this would take an eternity to post if I got down to all the old details. I’m sure i forgot a ton but will add as i remember.

Nice to see a build posted.

Pistons are ordered up from wiseco today. 4 weeks out for custom slugs.

just got to eyeballin up the intercooler tonight and I got a lot of trimmin’ to do!


When did you become a 6’4" black man ? :slight_smile:

That fascia will need mud ASAP. Looks badass!


u want a core 80 of a good working one!

Do u want a core 80 or a good working one?pm me


Nice to see another truck build on here.

Chris here u go

thanks i got a guy lined up to build so ill see what pans out i still might be interested in that good 2wd one you have depending what decent cores i can find

Bought a new 6.0 block so cutting it back to a 402 (better piston selection no machine work needed)so no reason to bore a fresh block.

Decided to put the 14 bolt in there too so there should be no weak links. It was out of an 88-98 truck so I have to make a few mods for it to fit. move the perches, have a friend at the machine shop make me spacers to put the disc brakes on, and while im in there a truetrac (it already has 3:73’s in it and i have a bearing kit leftover from another project).
Also found my builder 2wd 4l80e out of an 02 2500hd.

A few cosmetics:

Going with the “V” go fast caddy theme I scored a CTS-V engine cover for cheap. I know it might hold a little heat but I like the factory look.

Vanity plate: Too gay?

you might have interference with a good size turbo and that cover. Hit me up over weekend and ill let you mock up my 88mm to see if it clears with that nice engine cover. i know the vette covers i hae were to close to the pt88

i have the stock G80 from 14bolt if you need it

ordered the vanity plate two weeks ago, now I just have to back it up!

making slow progress, got a pile of small stuff to go to powdercoat, spacers are made for the old body style 14 bolt to mount the dual piston tahoe/yukon brakes. Just finished welding the tubes to the housing and setting up pinion angle to weld on new perches

Was gonna hold out for 22’s but got a deal on chrome 18’s with 9 miles on them. $300 craigslist special! i figured for the price wheels are the easiest thing to change later, just need something to roll the truck around with for now.

should have some major progress pics coming soon

very nice build

Love it. I have a soft spot for slammed/bagged Escalade fronted Silverados. The fact yours is boosted is even better.

I havent updated in awhile. Got the chassis finally done. finally ready to put the cab and bed back on then off to paint.

Gettin ready to assemble the 402. Just a little engine porn to give me some motivation

All of this is beautiful and that Roadmaster lurking in the driveway background just looks mean.

very nice

thanks Brian. Must not look too bad comin from a guy that hates escalade front clips!