My shop/barn build thread

This has been going on for a while now but I just havent had time to put up pics etc. Anyway, here goes.

40’x48’x12’ pole barn construction
Full attic ~16.5’x44’x8’ - designed to be additional shop space - likely for woodworking and storage - with walk-up stairs
Radiant floor heat
100A electrical
Water, etc.

I think Ill just toss up a handful of pics a day until we are caught up.

The big ass trusses

I also have some timelapse vids from the first several days that Ill post tonight.


Wow, that is kick ass!!

Now that’s how you dig a post hole. Load that sucker with go fast shit. Installing a lift?

Ya, my lot is SUPER rocky. Even that thing had some fun digging a few of them.

Of course on the lift. Just who knows when. There are like 9087308473 things to buy first. Like electric, heat, insulation, lights…



Doing a floating concrete floor w/ radiant?

Outdoor boiler?

Yes floating. Im probably going to use a propane boiler.


Why not?

Bigger than my house.

First of the time laps vids. Yes it looks far away. I havent had a chance to put the zoomed in pics into vids yet.


Damn, a barn that big PLUS able to afford the propane to heat it?
You must be pretty baller with prices around $2.70/gal now.

I guess so. I really dont want to F with wood. Ill just have to add to my propane budget.


damn that looks awesome!

Few more pics and vids. I missed most of the skin going up as we were on vacation.

Doors installed. The doors are Amaar Commercial 2700 Series R19 insulated (12x10)

Shell finished! Took the two guys that put it up 3 weeks. They did a super fantastic job. Its SUPER straight, plumb, level. I couldnt be happier.

And Days 5-7 vids:


Nice, congrats!, you’re gonna love having some extra space. I’ve been Working on the inside of mine, it’s slower going than I hoped, but it’s going.



best thread ever!

Cool. Ya, I have no specific timeline here. Id LOVE to have it insulated and heated by winter, but Im pretty sure that wont happen. Just for kicks I had MIG quote the insulation job (R21 wall, R38 ceiling - 2x12 attic floor joists)… $6k ouch. Of course Ill do that myself. Looks like at Lowes prices its about $3k, not terrible.


This is awesome. I wish I had a budget and space for this

Great now the caviler will just get pushed into a BIGGER corner :stuck_out_tongue:

But really wish I had more space on my property for somthing like that.