My Sidewalk project

Instead of working on my car, I have been working to increase the value of my house. Or thats at least how I like to think of it. Maybe I am just going through my jeff95ta stage. When we bought the house the sidewalk always bugged me. It was narrow in some spots, didn’t match, and the steps were just unsafe. So with the help of my father in law and some friends we ripped out the old sidewalk and poured 5.25 yards of concrete with an exposed aggregate finish. There was a ton of work done over the last three weeks and I am glad it is almost over. Here are some pics of the before and after. I still have to work on the landscaping which I am hoping to get most of it done in the next two weeks.


After -Landscaping

money well spent!!

looks really good!

very nice whitey, looks alot better now

nice dont trip drunk

me like. looks very nice

good job looks great

It’s never over…

Nice job, looks great!

did u acid wash the exposed to get rid of the haze itll have

looks good, now come do mine


Seriously looks good though. I’m getting the bug to do shit like that to but I want to wait till I have a place worth sinking money into.

looks real nice, makes me want to do my front porch and sidewalk like that…

no I did not… can you explain more? There are a few spots where it is not perfect(did not brush enough) that I wondered if I could clean up. Right now it has two coats of sealer and their is only a little haze.

thanks for the compliments guys!

looks fuckin sweet!

Isn’t home ownership awesome, I find myself more willing to spend money on the home rather then the car to benefit the overall value/use of the home.

Ill get at you on AIM and explain …have more advice if u wana make it look better

do you think it’s because when you spend money on the house you realize that you’re not spending money on a Hyundai?


No, I realized that a long time ago buddy.

looks good!

now fix your yard you damaged lol - it is a never ending cycle.