cruising home from a short day at work, I see some boxy 80s brick domestic behind me. He passes me with a chirp at my door. It was a mid 80s monte carlo, black with ss on it and a chrome bling rear end, and some loud pipes. I catch back up through traffic and end up at a light. He throws a rev, I throw one back and he laughs, and asks “where you put the rice in”. I give him a confused look, and got ready to launch. He pulls about a car out of the hole one me, then I nail second, gain traction and flip him the bird as I pass by, hit third I was a car or two ahead. Had to stop for the next light and he just turned away, I still don’t know where I’m supposed to put the rice??

You put the rice in his ignorant ass :tup:

nice kill

When they say that to me I hit the NOS button that throws the door off of the car… then proceed to smash his face into the dash.

Nice kill… where do I line up to get the NA beatdown?

bitchin. where do you put the rice in…

I can’t handle a jdm supercar, my little econobox doesn’t comepare NA, its not worth my time, I already took a nice look at your tail lights once at taffys,

:tup: to ignorant slow ass 305 owners. Nice kill sir.

lol monte SS

race a real 80’s brick

I can never find one, I raced a white gn/regal (i don’t the all look the same) last year, from a pull and I wasn’t that impressed it did sound good though, all i heard was spoooolll

theres a bunch of gns around, all u gotta do is look :slight_smile:

I think you should do the same :wink:

:tup: nice kill dan, my coupe sha’ll he out soon :snky:

ive raced plenty


no, i mean get your turbo 6 runin so I can smoke you


gotta love those ignent muscle car drivers :tup:

no really though… I’m not that quick, so I think a nice friendly run isn’t out of the question.

:tup: good kill , don’t worry about that guy he has little penis problems

well i can race u in dads car, either one

since my car is out for now

hes faster than me now, but u still wouldent have a chance even if my car was running :biglaugh:

nice kill