name of restaurant

what is the name of the restaurant that is in the target, k-mart, best buy plaza? It is the Italian joint, I think of the name of it, anyone know??



and whats up man!

Carrabba’s or Tony Roma’s

[Arnold] DAMN YOU!!![/Arnold]

sweet, thanks for the quickness, mmmm, dinner!

Bah you two suck!

That place is really good yuuummmm

Hope they were open this time Alf

they open at 2 on sunday, who the hell figured that

F them did you try the chick bryan?

i’ve never been there before but i heard it’s mad decent

and tony roma’s for ribs

very expencive for italian, id goto marcos on niagara if u want good italian food, those chain italian joints usually suck ass.

i believe the restaurant you speak of is chotchky’s. it’s right next to flingers.

I agree the OG sucks but carabas is actually really good, its not all pasta and sauce.