Need a tune for your VW, Audi or Porsche? GIAC spring specials are here through 3/31

any price break for dbc aeb 1.8ts like the normal software?

AEB’s are still $300 for the 91/93 flash, plus $90 labor.

Last day. Get it while it’s hot.

You should so revive this as a “Christmass special”

I’ll see if I can get them to put something together

Total noob here. I have a 2012 GLI , do you guys do the APR stage one tuning on the 2.0TSI ?

nope, but we have GIAC tuning for it

Would this void the warranty?

By the letter of the law, no. However, I do recommend buying a stock program to switch to for when the car goes in for warranty repairs.

Thanks Dale, this is something I may consider doing in the spring. At that point Ill contact you for more info.