well then, im one step away from being a 240sx owner and im soo happy…im just in a bit of trouble right now… i really need help finding how much and where to get a fuel pump sending unit?? not sure… but he said to be able to run all it needs is that… and i really want to drive this baby home to me…so please help me out… thanks everyone… i will post up pics when i come to see it.

just replace the bad fuel pump with a aftermarket walbro unit.

if u need the original one, get it from the junkyard.

replacing it easy.

whut he said. There is one for sale here in ajax if your stuck. let me know and ill hook you up with a phone number

what would the cost be on those… cause the owner said he tried to put the used one on, and it didnt work …so whats the problem :S ?

whats the cost of one of them? and if anyone would be generous to give me 1 that they dont need anymore… thankx

anyone help me out here?

fuel system…the sending until it under the trunk in the back just pull back the carpet…from there undo the bolts and the sending unit and pump come out now there always seems to be the problem is with the sending unit and not the pump itself …if your turn your key in igntion and hear a buzzing from that back its fine but if not its most likly your sending unit…there about 200$ something from nissan but im sure you can get one from a scrap yard for much cheaper if thats the way you wanna go…the wires on the sending unit tend to get coroded on them thats why …you could even hit it with your hand and see if it will start …hope this helps. its a really easy part to change

i got a sending unit no pump in perfect shape for 20 bucks.