NEED HELP anyone know stock fuel filter thread pitch?

i have no idea what to use, i have to have fittings to go either to the new fuel rail and use the old fuel line from the fulter to rail, or get a new fitting to run from oem fuel filter and adapt to -6an for my new after market fuel rail to work. DOES ANYONE know what to use? this is one of the last parts holding my turbo project back.

i know the filters banjo bolt is mm12 x 1.5 or mm12 x 1.25


Run all stock stuff it will be fine!

Agreed, sell the aftermarket rail. You’d have to be putting some serious numbers down to need that. Hook up the stock setup and be done with it.

oops… i already found out what i needed and ordered it, THEN i checked this. oh well. it won’t hurt anyways, Thanks by the way for the replies. and for any curiosity it is a m12 x 1.25 thread.

FMFkid, sorry i haven’t gotten to you about the ecu, im crazy busy lately, and i still need to get in my buddys garage to use his MIG to weld up my downpipe and tail pipe. well work it out soon though, have you gotten a new computer yet?

No i have not I am screwed all the new ones have that stupid new windows

yea thats really fing gay i use a mac or i would let you use mine to tune my car. Are you lookin for anything in particular, or just a computer to tune? i know where you work, and we probably dont have anything left either but ill check tomorrow at work just for kicks.
all my shit should be in hopefully by wednesday and im plannin on gattin alot done on wednesday evening.

K lmk if there is anything left!

I dont want a hunk of shit that shuts off when it looses power other then that i dont care

ok, so they laughed at me in the computer dept. i guess those have all been gone for quite some time. so i dont know what to tell you hopefully you can get a hold of something.