Need help finding Co-op/fulltime job

So i need a co-op really bad, i would like to stay in the rochester area because i need to take one class in the fall, but at the same time i wouldn’t mind driving to syracuse or buffalo area. I would prefer smaller companies vs huge ones, ie kodak, xerox, boshc and lomb. I have a strong background in energy engineering, heat trasnfer, fluid flow and the like. I would like to get more experience in Machine Design or R and D. Anyone know of any companies around that are around. just looking for idea, not even specific people names at the company, just the company. thanks for the help

a little interesting tid bit though, i need a year of work place expierence in order for me to graduate, but at the same time i have no classes left to take, so basically i have my degree but untill I get the year i dont physically have my degree

I might be able to get you in the door at delphi (depending)… I dont work directly for them, but I’ll talk to some of the engineers for ya and see what they say :tup: :slight_smile:

thank you