Need nerd help!

My comp keeps freezing on my all the time, sometimes it wont do it al day sometimes it will do it 10 times in a row as soon as it shows my desktop screen…any ideas as to why?

could be a million things.

corrupted OS

a lot of times in XP (im assuming your running this) lockups at startup are caused when the computer loads user settings (this is the last step in the start up process). a lot of times a simple de-frag can solve issues like this…the computer is trying to access lots of info across your HD and gets lost somewhere along the way. My supervisor had the same problem, defrag and problem is gone. Run the de-frag from safemode.

are you on a network? the computer could be locking up do to network connectivity. try disabling your network connection and restarting a couple times…if the problem goes away…nuff said.

Run a diagnostic on your hard drive, make sure you don’t have any physical errors. there are two programs here that will test your HD depending on whether its IDE or SCSI

when did the problem start? you can try a system restore to an earlier point, this will replace any files that may have become corrupted. Usually doesnt work though.

last but not least…it may be your OS. if you have XP put your xp os disk in and boot to it. run a repair install…this will replace missing/corrupted windows files…it wont delete your personal files…back up anything important anyways.


Josh buy that comp I gave JT. Gimme 400 bux and its yours. You will be very happy.

You gave it to JT, but your getting the money?! Nice

JT was supposed to buy it from me. He just broke it and didn’t pay for it.

Thanx cheeter, i got windows ME…grr, but yeah it came with the comp sooo. My mom had it taken in to one of her friends and they worked on it, i gues it had soo many viruses it whiped out all the memory so they had to give it a new memory or some shit. i thnk its time for a new comp lol.

Jack, Id buy it if i had any $ but i dont.

bring it over sunday or something, I will look at it. and then throw it out the window.