Need pictures of exhausts

Hey I need a couple pictures of a RS*R GTII exhaust on a s13 coupe, can anyone post up some pics??? Let me know, thanks!


or if anyone knows anything about that specific system that would be great if you could let me know more about it.

I’ve got it on my car. I wish I had bought it to begin with instead of the cheap knock-off one from this board I wasted $450 on.

What do you want to know?


It is totally worth getting a Good exhaust right off the bat.

some pics will show up Nic, dont you worrie about it.

Glad to see you have come back to the S13

i love my apex’i gt spec. 3" at first, 3.75" after the resonator not that loud and 100% stainless piping to prevent the apexi’s rotting (like the n1 systems)


^ i got one of those for sale PM me

Hope this help, all kinds of exhaust pics here.

Yep, SS exhausts last longer but make sure the hangers are SS as well.

oh they are… thats not a problem


Yeah, my focus has SS exhaust from factory however the hangers are not SS. It was pointed out to me the last time the car was on a hoist, noticing one hangar is thinning out at the back of the muffler. I’ll be watching them…