Need some Legal Advice [Bankruptcy]

First off im not filing for bankruptcy its my stepfather.

March of 07 I co-signed with him on a house,
He moved out about 8months ago. I have been taken over the payments and living there.
So November of 2008
I was in the process of refinancing and
I find out he filed for bankrupcty…
So need-less to say.
This house is also filed under his bankruptcy
Me and him already agreed on letting me take over the house.

So My Title Atty called and advise me of two things i will need from my step father:

  1. Getting a Quit-claim Deed so he can be taken off the deed with some other paperwork
  2. Getting the courts permission to release the house from the bankrupcty case.

Now today: i called my step father atty and no answer
So i called the trustee listed on the paperwork from the court and asked what is needed for me to assume this house.

This i what he advise me…to write a letter offering something for the house.
he advise me he will not offer me any legal advice…so this is where im at now.

Im confused as fuck right now. what should i do?

I was going to write a letter stating that me and my stepfather agreed that i will be taking over the house and im currently in the process of refinancing and for me to complete this process i just need permission from the court to release this property to me and from bankruptcy case?


Should i offer something to the trustee as he stated
offering the principle balance of the loan so it can be paid off?
or what should i offer 1 dallor?

Seriously a web forum of car enthusiast? Call a bankruptcy will need one anyways.

alot of people on the forum have other jobs then just a mechanic…i think you forgot that part.

this question can lead me to finding a bankruptcy lawyer on nyspeed…


For such a large asset, and you haven’t sought actual legal counsel is unfathomable.

Not this.

Agreed. I’m not even going to go into how complicated a bankruptcy can be.

Since he is filing for bankruptcy and you are tied into the house with him, will that hurt your credit, etc also?

Not unless he defaults

Defaults on what? By claiming bankruptcy doesn’t he not have to pay for anything anymore? (I’m a noob as I’ve never even looked into that)

Wat is a dallor?

Seriously, get a lawyer, don’t ask a bunch of idiots.

Ok now that I am drunk. I realize this is still a stupid ideas to get wrong advise

Free consults, lot of experience, widely used.

AFAIK since the new bankruptcy law you’re debts aren’t absolved anymore. You still have to pay them in the future. Look into Chapter 13 filing. Chapter 7 filing is total bankruptcy and is different still.

ugh. david. ugh.

call a bankruptcy lawyer duder.

you’re wrong.

this is why this isn’t the place to get help.

You want useful advice?