Need some serious help

someone broke into my yahoo email account and changed my password and shit so i cant sign in. Can anyone help me?

doesn’t yahoo have the password recovery thing where you answer a question you set when you signed up and they email you the password?

yes except they changed that stuff on me, so i cant get a password.



Don’t they have online help?

ya its really fucking funny when thats the email i used for all my paypal, credit cards, insurance, banking, ebay, etc.

And i already emailed yahoo for help.

I want to know if there are any leet computer people who could get it back for me.

Unfortunately it is funny. But I thought Yahoo had online support… that you could “chat” with

dude, try that forgot password thingie asap

dude, read.


^oh yeah, lol, i skim on it…i though “they probably changed it”

but…they did change em…

have you also change ur email account on all that important stuffs?

ya i have been changing all my passwords and email addresses for everything.

^that’s good to hear…

but still, out of my curiosity, how in heck you can get hacked…?

how long is ur password…?

im also afraid that sooner or later, one of my email got hacked… :frowning:

lock up your paypal if you havent already

ya your sol…

change all your passwords son…

there is no leetness that can help you

yahooo can track down which ip did all that stuff to your account, hopefully… i would try to contact them asap…

yeah that totally blows (fuck yahoo) oh wait i got that e mail !! lol

they probly just guessed your secret question. doesn’t mean they know your password. dem’s da breaks kids.

ive broken into yahoo accounts in the past … as long as you know what zipcode someone is in and some other basic info on them is … its not to hard … at least it wasnt a while ago

i hate anything online that allows you to reset your password with simple questions like “where were you born” and whats your pets name"

the one i remember breaking into was “whats your favorite sports team” … and that person made that answer sooooo easy … he/she talked about the games they had gone too … their yahoo fantasy team ect ect

i dont use real answers for those types of questions, making it impossible to guess …something as simple as

B1U2F3F4A5L6O B1I2L3L4S makes it impossible to guess even if they know the right answer

well thats the thing, i know how simple it is to guess that shit if you know the person so i used a fake zip code and a random answer to the question that had nothing to do with it. So i’ll be damned if i know how the fuck they got my password.

But everything has been changed and i emailed yahoo twice about it. All i got was their stupid automated response of “thanks we will look into it”.