Neon Driver Charged - You know him! With Pic

I’d go crazy. i’m not really that afraid of death

I love how nikuk is just playing devils advocate here. Someone needs to find out this kids user name and change his title to “OWNED: Frank clark style” or “Bloody ass” or “Soap on a rope plz” or “Anal Pride” or “No showers plz” or “nodixplz” or " Frank Clark’s Bitch" or “Looser ass than skunks”

does the dead guy get charged also? if not this bunk and they are making this more then what it is.

the kid driving the car that unfortunately crashed didn’t have to go fast too :gotme:

people try to race me all the time, I make the decision not too myself

the charges wont stick, and it is going to trial because he waived his felony hearing. now the DA has to present it to a jury and decide if they have enough evidence to move forward, if for some reason it gets past that point, they won’t ever get a conviction.

According to channel 4 the Neon driver stated he was ahead of the Mustang and when he pulled up to the next red light and the Mustang didnt , he assumed the Mustang must have turned off

Unfortunately for the kid, whether the charges stick or not in criminal, the family will win in Civil unless somehow there is a technicality that gets the charges dismissed.

how can you not hear a car skidding and then hitting a pole? there is a huge skid mark across transit road that goes for like 100 feet…

…wait… so the family is going to be sueing the neon driver?

The SRT4 was probably buzzin like a hive of angry Bees :picard:

Have u ever gone 100mph?

yeah plus the neon had probably pulled trains on the Mustang by then

my uncle was sued for assault his home owners covered it

The kid in the neon is a friend of mine. I would like to show him support some how but I haven’t figured it out yet. He was also a friend of the late mustang driver.

…go drive on transit and tell me how far apart the light is

I would imagine so since it was saying they are having problems with money due to no insurance. They have every right even if he get’s a not guilty verdict.

then the girlfriends family should be sueing the mustang driver’s family… she was the only innocent person. its shitty how people try and make money off of the death of a loved one

Chris Mejak was the driver of the neon srt4 when the mach1 (Mark & Mel) had the accident. He was always at mighty with his “BLUE” srt4 that had gunmetal rims, and loved the sound of bov and used to beat the shit out of his car. Im sure all of MT crew know this guy, saw him on the channel 4 news. Little guy with blonde hair looked like Macaulay Culkin.

Yep hes being brought up on some charges. Today was for him violating his acd? with his street racing arrest from last year…this is just what i have heard

yep, he had a 1yr proabtion and violated it BIG TIME! Hes screwed!
At the time of the crash, Mejak had a case pending for an illegal race eight months earlier.

He is free on bail and facing prison for up to 15 years if convicted

This is total bull shit. I can’t recall if I ever met the kid. But WTF, the other kid loses control of his car and kills himself and his girlfriend. The neon never touched him, didn’t swerve at him, nothing. How is he responsible. All this does is teach people to keep their mouth shut if they are ever in this situation.