Netflix "Fastest Car"

What’s up with this show and why does EVERY AD ON EVERY PAGE I VIEW reference this show?

Never heard of this until now, but I have had a bit of a Netflix car void since I finished the most recent Grand Tour season…so maybe I’ll check it out.

Watched the first two episodes tonight. It’s definitely entertaining, with expected levels of cringe, shit talking and ego for a car show :tup:

First episode is a race against Paul Walker’s friend in a Ford GT. The guy’s laugh is BRUTAL, lol.

so far, i’ve avoided clicking on that show and watching it, we’ll see how long it lasts

Episode 4… the Lambo guy… LOL. Most entertaining episode so far.

My favorite guy:

ok i guess i’ll have to give in and check it out tonight

Only watched the first episode. Many cringe worthy moments. I didn’t know DIY hand controls in a vehicle were legal… :ham:

they aren’t illegal!

Is there some sort of exception in California for handicapped people? Or maybe for rods like his? I imagine there would be. Paralyzed people do drive. @XwalkerX

This is the car, hand controls at 4:40:

I remember seeing hand controls in several vehicles when I worked in NY so I would imagine they are legal and perhaps need to be certified safe?

It’s funny that dude is from HB but i have never seen that thing driving around in the past 5 years

Maybe it’s not street legal then, lol.

But it is plated:

100% hand controls are a thing, but the DIY variety seems a bit much. I doubt anyone is going out of there way to give this guy a hard time.

So I know “Suicide knobs” are illegal (you get a ticket), but I highly doubt a cop is going to give a disabled person crap over where their hand controls were installed.

Vehicle Modification Law
State and federal law governs the installation of adaptive equipment on passenger vehicles. In some states, it is illegal to install spinner knobs on steering wheels, or to install hand controls on manual transmission vehicles. Installation of mobility equipment must be performed by an approved vendor, especially if the disabled driver is seeking funding from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation or the Veteran’s Administration. Approved vendors must complete a certification and licensing process similar to other professions. Originally, the NHTSA prohibited shops from making modifications that put a vehicle out of compliance with federal safety standards. Since wheelchair conversion generally involves removing seats and modifying the vehicle frame, an exception was issued in 2001. Equipment installers are allowed to break specific standards, but these exceptions must be absolutely necessary, clearly labeled and documented in the shop’s records. The shop must inform the vehicle owner of the exceptions in writing.

My uncle’s been paralyzed since ‘94 with hand controlled vans. I’ve driven them, definitely something different.

this dude is the real mvp. that was awesome.

Psphinx81’s old evo is in the episode with the dude who has the white colt in it. I believe episode 4

Do you know if it was it at their shop or track?

I finished the whole season and it was pretty entertaining overall :tup:

When they race on the dry lake bed at the end that was a cool idea, especially since none of the racers had done it before.

i’ll keep watch for that evo, i think i finished episode 3 last night, its…interesting

Lambo dude in episode 4 is wild, however I’d definitely want him as my divorce attorney.