New altima coupes (3.5)

Anyone have or driven one of the new altima coupes, with the 3.5 engine? Saw one parked at my apt complex and its a pretty cool looking car imo. How are they on performance, is there an aftermarket for them yet?

its a FWD 350z… probably would be better to just snag a used 350z…

um they are quick…there is an aftermarket…i was looking at them but $$$…well i cant afford one right now

need a larger interior than the 350Z, never really liked them that much anyway.

I was considering the G37 but its a little more than i want to spend with the g/f going back to school in the fall.

are there FI kits available? what kind of 1/4 mile times are people getting with them? The 6spd

I test drove one and decided it wasn’t worth the $10k price difference between it and the last model. I got a used 2.5 with 15k on it. I have no complaints, it isn’t the fastest car in the world but for a daily driver, it can get out of it’s own way.

a friend of mine has the 2.5 auto with the CSV? tranny and she said the gas mileage is awesome. But i’m kind of sick of having a gas-efficient but slower car, and i’m definetly sick of having an auto. I want to get into a nice daily driver thats quick and this, on paper, seems to fit.


350z quarter-mile times are in the high 13s. I assume that if the altima hooks up, the times should be SIMILAR.


its a cvt tranny (no gears, all electronic), the 3.5 has 270hp/258tq @4400rpm and weighs 3271, the 6spd wieghs 3205lbs, i have sold nissans now for 3months and have yet got a chance to see or drive one with a 6spd, they dont seem to exist in Georgia lol. GL in WNY… And a lil fyi invoice is about $2000 less than sticker. And cvt is smooth no shifting, but makes the car feel slow to me, however they are much faster from a 50mph roll than a from a dead stop.

i bet driving a cvt takes some getting used to never hearing it shift n all, that would be kind of bugged out

It’s not that bad. But I wouldn’t want one in a car I was hoping to use for performance (I have a Murano with CVT). Slow off the line but VERY fuel efficient for an SUV, presumably b/c of the transmission (getting about 25mpg right now, YMMV)

^nice! i always have liked the muranos they are like 350z but an suv

when these first came out, I was all over it, went and drove one, and thought there was better choices for the money, and the stock wheels were way to small.

rims are 17’s on the v6,…

Uggh. Just go drive one instead of listening to people on here who think that same number of doors and engine displacement mean that it’s the same car just powering different wheels.


On a related note, you can hardly tell my Xterra from a G35X sedan.


Word! If you think it drives anything like a 350z you will be dissappointed, a nice car non the less