New Fast street car

Larry in our club finally made a pass after 2 years of building his GN. Brand new TA performance Aluminum Stage 2 block.

lol he ran 11.00 @124 with only 7 lbs of boost.

hes planning on running at least 24-27 lbs, so it should be in the low 8’s when its all said and done.

if u see a GN on the street with get real on it, dont bother. Even if u drive a nova with flames, even u dont stand a chance :stuck_out_tongue:

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shitt


holy shit

7 PSI?

holy shiettt…

lol yeah, its a beast

Yeah i find it best not to mess with a GN ever.

good lord :tup:

now quit that silly house payment noise and get that stage II block you’ve been drooling over

there’s enough room to sleep in the trunk, and then you won’t have to worry about those head gaskets you blew like 3 years ago :lol:

What kind of times is Mike Decker putting down in his?

no idea, he doesnt come to our events.

a good stage 2 motor costs upwards of 15k to get built correctly.

larrys motor cost over 23k, but it will never blow up.

you just jynxed him. you alone will be the end of WNYs fastest GN


Sounds like fun.


totally insane…i want to ask if that kinda speed is even necessary…but then i wake up and realize that it really is…

holy shite, that is faaasstttoorr.

lol no way man, this motor is not blowing up. and hes not lazy like me, he can change a HG in 4 hours…lol

hott shit, good for him. much love for the 3.8

my god

the TA performance website has got to be one of the worst i’ve ever seen in my entire life

i should order a catalog tho, i really think i’m gonna end up getting a GN eventually… i feel that the convertible WS-6 LS1 M6 trans am’ll eventually be out of my price range

im calling bullshit … we all know that u have to have a 4cyl to be fast, or a v8 to be sorta fast … but 6 cyl’s are always slow :smiley:

:tup: to a bad ass car … im amazed how fast GN’s go on such low boost

lol no shit, looks like a 3 year old put it together!!!

its all in the head work!

hes got champion racing heads, allowing it to go fast on low boost, but this run was a break in run, its the first time its been to the track or even driven since its been together

how are the 60’s

1.4-1.5 in that range.