New forum idea

Can we create a new sub forum for threads that are too stupid to be considered actual technical or GA threads? I mean sure, some ninny may wonder if the tornado is really going to add 50HP to his car (if he gets the blue one) and improve his gas mileage, while reducing his tax liabilities and increasing his odds of scoring with attractive females, but we shouldn’t have to weed through that crap. They need to be quarantined. I’ll even volunteer to be in charge of deeming people too ignorant to post technical threads outside of the kiddie area. It will be like a staged licensing program.

“some ninny…” Who talks like that?? :wink:

lol kiddie area

im 100% for that, but does that include coloring an air filter also?

the newbe-garden

That will come with the Yankee hater thread sub forum


by my posting in this thread, 50% of the user sigs are anti-teamlovebirds.

Fucking amazing.

no 50% anymore



Ya know, I hate the Yankees, but at the same time, it pains me to agree with Walter on anything… What am I to do? :stuck_out_tongue:

do you really think the mods will take a boston fan seriously :ha: