New guy from Pittsburgh

Hey guys, just checking in from Allison Park, just north of the burgh. I drive a 02 WS6. Just checking in to see whats going on.


Any mods or pics of ur F-Bucket ?

lsx’s are taking over


Is it the super rare black version???


welcome…I guess it seems like f-bucket are taking over Pittspeed…could it be all the mustangs finally rotted into the ground?

or the motors blew lol



i hope its a silver auto ws6… that would be awesome.

Sorry guys I’m representing the White TA’s here. Here she is. Been at a few local meets so may have met a few of you guys already. Althought this pic is without my new C6 Rims on. Need to take some new ones.

Btw solow I signed up for lsxperformanceparts site today.



Nice car todd

FBuckets are the new Honda people, only not as annoying or simple. Welcome, clean car.

thems fightin words:stick:


If you’d care to drive down to pick my ass up to meet somewhere to settle this 'cause my shit broke yo. :rofl:

welcome saw your car at last meet.

i’d rather settle this like men, behind keyboards and monitors/laptop screens.

grove city encore

O ya I feel a virtual bitch slap coming on.

that’s actually my virtual penis u feel in ur poop shoot.

close enough

Lunch Welcome:beer: