new here

my name is Steve i am 21 and i am from north hills. i drive a murdered out 2007 cobalt ss/sc that is pretty much stock at this time lol


Welcome to the site.


Hello Steve and welcome

Welcome to the site


lol murdered out… i think i saw you at shop and save on Mcknight tues. revving your engine driving through like a jackass. but i could be wrong.


Do you think that your murdered out 2007 cobalt ss/sc is fast enough in stock trim that if you pinned the throttle a mile in front of a brick wall you would be able to achieve enough speed to thoroughly kill yourself?

welcome dude


Are your headlights and taillights tinted? I think I saw your car a few times down McKnight Rd. around Pep Boys and Nelson Run area. I worked on Mt. Troy Rd, so I was down that way every day.

People still say murdered out?


thats still a trend??

my car is homicided out

my car is manslaughtered out

Mine is just dead.

so many can fuckin say that on this site… mines 411’d out

302’d and gonna be 187 soon