New member SR20DET 1991 hatch

Hey guys, I’m Dylan, I live in Peterborough and this is my 240sx.

I bought the car 2 years ago as my first car when I was 18. It was an automatic and came with the Work XD9 wheels. A few months of owning it and I purchased Megan track spec coilovers since my front struts were on their way out. At the end of the first summer I hit my oil pan pretty good and knocked my pick up off. I had the car flatbedded home and decided to park it for the winter and start saving. I bought a blacktop SR and 5 speed trans and over the first winter installed that. Since then I’ve done a few other things which I will hopefully be able to make a build thread for soon.

Good to be here!

nice! welcome.

nice, looking forward to the thread!

dylan is a great guy and also has a great name. Good friend and customer of mine.

Welcome, your car looks great

Thanks for the kind words guys! I’ll have to get that build thread started soon.

i’d hit that