New member with Speed6

I just found this site while i was browsing the net for tint shops around Pittsburgh. Looks like there are quite a few members, with the addition of one more since I threw my hat in the ring. I live about 35 minutes from Pittsburgh in Wintersville, OH. I drive a 2006 Grand Touring Mazdaspeed 6 but haven’t gotten around to getting any mods. I’m new to the area and I look forward to getting out and seeing some of the Pittsburgh car scene.

Anybody near Wintersville/Weirton,WV??


welcome.the 6’s are nice.




Welcome. Is it red and were you in the Pittsburgh area recently? I was following a speed 6 the other day and coulda swore it had WV plates.


welcome, is this the new awd turbo speed 6?



Welcome :slight_smile:

Mazda fan here


Yeah,it’s the new AWD Turbo 6. Black Cherry w/ leather, bose system, blah, blah.
I love it, it’s fun to drive.

any pics

Welcome … always like the 6’s… are the mazdaspeed6’s fast?

welcome and nice whip. :bigthumb:

I’ve got pics posted on this site. Just click the link and it should pull up three pics I took a few weeks ago. Eventually when I get some extra cash I want to start modding, then I’l take some better pics but until then these are all I have for now.

Let me know what you guys think.

i like the older mazda 6 styling better, but the speed6 is a sweet car. mazda 6 is my dream daily driver car