New Paint Job

My son got his car painted. Check out the before and after photos…

Before shot of car

After the paint work…

not feeling the stripes or wheels

but it sure is 1 of a kind

^^^ Same. But kudos on being different. I’d rock that car straight red, tinted out, with black wheels. That would be killer.
But as long as he likes it, it’s all good.


There is way too much goin on for me…

:ugh:don’t like the wheels or the stripes but if you do thats fine :ugh2:

I like the wheels, not the strips.

We have to add some black lettering on the side white stripes. Probably add “Perrin” , “Cobb”, “HKS”, and maybe

avoid logos altogether IMO. Not feeling the stripes/wheel combo either…looks far too busy.

not diggin the wheels in the before or after pix but the stripes aren’t all that bad…i’ve seen worse…maybe could have left off the strip along the skirts

Meh on the stripes, those kinda stripes are for old muscle cars.

Would look good black, tinted out, black wheels with a red line on the lip of the wheel.

Not feeling the Shelby GT500 stripes.

Before > *

I personally like it without the stripes and I agree that the wheels would look much better if they were all black w/o the red detailing.

The wheels can be changed. They are Konig quick swaps, we have silver spokes that can replace the red ones. Your right…the GT stripe idea comes from my son’s love of the mustangs…but he appreciates the handling and AWD for the winter of the Subaru…

It is one-of-a-kind…which is what he likes.

either way your EVO > his…:boink

i dont mind the wheels at all, dunno about the stripes though just my 02. Unique indeed though.


I tell him that all the time

the stripes make it look like an easy street motorsports car

here is a pic of the ESX car for those that dont know.

thanks for the picture…I didn’t know about the Easy Street car…
Ordered some decals last night, so that should make the white stripe on the sides look better…