New S13 Vert Owner - Happy to be apart of Son240sx!

Hey all,

Finally picked up one of my dream project cars, a 93 Vert. This car was originally owned by a guy named Jesse who did a lot of awesome custom work to it, and then to Avery (both guys very well known on this forum) and now to me :smiley:

I do plan to enter the drifting scene with this car, my original plan with a vert was to drop V8 in it, but the motor in this car packs more than enough punch for now. I’ve had a few N/A SR20 cars, but all FWD… P11 G20 (street car), NX2000 (ice racer). This is my first RWD car, although I’ve had the opportunity to burn the tires off numerous RWD new cars for charity/show events (search Goan Racing on Youtube). My current line-up of cars right now other than the vert is my daily driver/winter beater Impreza outback, an Isuzu Impulse RS that’s been my unicorn since highschool (currently has been stored for 5 years), a 92 Integra which is used for regional road racing and a 1988 Yamaha YSR50.

Although I’ve been on many forums for different cars, I’m amazed at the people in the 240sx scene. Just the amount of feedback I’ve been receiving trying to acquire a vert, along with the amount of help and recommendations for sourcing parts… This forum is exactly how all forums should be, son240sx is a true community with genuine and down-to-earth car owners (from what I’ve experienced so far).

I look forward to when my car is track worthy, so that I can finally meet many of the members on this forum and learn more about the cars and events. Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome and for all the help you provided me thus far :slight_smile: