New S14.5 owner


My first car was a RUSTED S13, so when that lasted only a few months i tossed her… I grabbed a A32(Maxima) had some fun with that, i got the Stillen/Vortech Supercharger kit for it. it made some good power 336WHP.

But the S chassis bug was always with me, and FWD with bad torque steer was LAME… So im currently selling my Maxima… But last fall i grabbed a Zenki from a guy i worked with, and the body and frame is mint… The car came with a Red Top SR, full suspenion, Z33 brakes, 5 lug conversion, nicely rolled fenders and lots of other stuff… The car came with an already S15 front end swap…

When i got the car from my buddy, i told him i only wanted just the chassis… and he could keep the SR (i believe its in a BMW E30 now)… I had other plans for this car… like some American Muscle!

NOTE : NOT MY PIC 1st Gen V10

BUT these are :slight_smile: 2nd Gen V10 from a 2001 Viper GTS
Im NOT planning on drifting it… Ill leave that to MR. Sharpe and his 180sx … and cant let Dave Waterworth be the only other Viper powered Schassis, that i know about out there… If you gunna HATE keep it moving!


Lool like its gonna be badass!!! Hope this gets completed and not half way them abandonded


No hate here ! Love it


v10!!! :smiley:


Naw… No way could I bail on a something this fun…


I think ls is a better choice why waste your money on a 400hp motor that weighs 800 lbs alone.


Everyone does an LS… NO offense too the LS guys out there… and the motor is all aluminum, and specs are about 600 pounds engine and tranny… the 2gens come 450hp and 490tq at the crank… but with tuning with Megasquirt 3pro for V10 and V12… custom headers and intake I should be well over 500tq, and 480hp respectively… but I’m doing it mainly too be different, and piss off all those old skool muscle cars guys…


1st gen motor weight is 711lbs alone. I understand you want to be unique but maybe there is a reason that no one wants to stuff a viper engine in a 240. It’s a cool idea though.


There is other out there David Waterworth drifts one in his S15… and th ose viper are stuuuupid expensive! !!! And LS1 are easier too get… but Google viper powered S15. … I got stupid lucky and got my hands on it… so why not do it…

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The 2gen motors which I have are 290kg so about 650lbs


im so glad this is happening!!


Unreal man! Crazy you still in the Creek?


dat v10


any updates on this?


Here are some of my lates car picks…

Im currently waiting for my 2001 stock viper drive shaft, which will be customized to fit… Hopefully my custom sub frame will be made soon… Ill do more follow up pics and possible video soon… But for the my lastest follow me on instagram: barricade800sx


this thread is full of win.


Wow - make good pictures and lots of them, this is an awesome idea.
Imagine the sound that engine will make. Can’t wait to hear it.
Who will make your exhaust system?


Fits like a glove


SoFresh automotive has made all the custom engine mounts and tranny… Spencer at SoFresh is also doing custom sub frame… We already figured out the exhaust system, it should have awesome flow and sound… Suspension and tuning will be also be done by them. I just waiting on my 2001 Viper drive shaft… Then it gotta be customized for my needs…


I can get you and have viper parts for sale if you need.


Oh wow just noticed this,that’s crazy stuff.Nice looking maxima as well!