NEW: Spacers 20mm 4&5 Lug, double hub-centric

I just had a couple sample spacers done up to give them a try.

They are 20mm thick and are hub centric to the hub and to the wheel.

they are both 4 x 114.3 and 5 x 114.3

You will need to have extended studs, which you should have anyways because adapters use shit hardware that will strip and or wear out with hard usage.

I am not intending to supply studs but i can do ARP’s if you want. My reason for not necessarily wanting to supply is because alot of people don’t want to switch to 12 x 1.5 thread pitch even though ARP’s are the best so i leave it up to you. Plus my price on ARP studs doesn’t murder mass-market pricing so why bother selling it.

I don’t really have a price yet, but i’ll figure something out for the first few guys that want in on this.

The future final products will look way different… we have some ideas. :slight_smile:

Price price price.

i have lots of arp in stock for this application if this helps sell more !

Gangstur!!! Bing, I’ll probably be in for a at least one pair. Perhaps 2 pairs.

Make em like your 10mm’s. I love em. Balanced and engraved. Anodize them some crazy colour though. :wink:

Price puh leeeeezzze

the next run will have an intergrated and engraved centre cap, adorning the bing’s logo and should have threaded holes to pop them off since they fit so snugly.

you cant use a dust cap anyways with this stuff… you can put a centre cap on the wheel but many wheels dont have them… you cant run centre caps on race-spec CCW Classic’s for example.

i’ll do $100 per pair on these two examples without studs… the full production versions will be quite a bit more.10

Come November 10th. I will know if I am sinking more dough into my car or not.

Let you know

i have ARP studs to go with these now.

Hey Bing are you also going to make 15mm thick spacers?

i can’t produce so many variations of products… i’m stressed out enough trying to stock quantities of everything i produce as it is… so in the short term, no.

5mm is such a small difference anyways.

go with 20mm and roll the fenders more, add camber or drop the tire width one spec.

i still have a couple pairs of these i need to move before i do another run.

$100 a pair

how much for arp extended studs?

$60 for front (ARP 12 x 1.5mm) 2 packs required. fits 5 lug front

$25 for rear (ARP 12x1.5mm) 2 packs required. fit 5 lug rear and 4 lug front and rear

in stock but down to my last set for the front and likely will be sold by the end of the week

those look nice iw ould jump on them if i was in the postion to

studs in the front and back are different? Guessing thats why they cost more lol

knurl on frnt 5 lug is larger, requires a Lexus application stud.

ARP studs that fit 240sx are 12x1.5mm, a honda thread pitch, but the ARP studs are 100000%%% times better than anything else… i’ve had them on my coupe for like 5 years ripping wheels off and on with impact guns regularly… nothing else will last.

i’ve had wheel studs strip while driving… its soooo fukking gay.

Bing, Your spacer will be just 20mm?

these ones are 20mm yes. they are double hub-centric

you will need extended studs

What’s up bing I am very interested in a pair of the 20mm spacers…question I have spec v rims on my 93’ hatch fits properly just gotta bring them out a bit, there shouldn’t be a problem with rim fitting differently, it should fit with no Problems?.. I will be getting extended lugs as well. Also how would the payments work please let me no were Ive haven’t really done buisness with you. Thanks

i sold out of the 20mm over the weekend, only have the 10mm in stock.

paypal or emt for payments.

Do you when you will be getting more?