New Toyota Supra Speculation (FT-1)


From the first set of pics, it reminds me of an Aston Martin fron fascia, which isnt a bad thing.


any speculation on price yet?


lets all start pitchin in 100 bucks now so we can mod the thing and buy it tooo.


i think the front needs work, but other than that its hot, i wish we could read specs cause thats obviously not a 2jz in there


Looks pretty cool.


the back looks like a ferrari.

id rock one


ha ive seen so many of these drawings, this rendering looks nice.


first pic says in plain Engrish: 5 liter V8


from bits and pices i’ve read all around … it’ll probly be out fo the standard buyers price range. i think were talking like 80K area… and for that price you can buy a ZO6. it’ll be a while before it comes to the US i’m thinking later than 2008. by the time it come out though it’ll ahve the skyline to compete with.



I think that magazine is like the National Enquirer for cars.


hmm this will be quite interesting, i like the ass on the car, it seems to have similar lines to the previous generation.

im looking forward to seeing this vs the skyline in the US markets :tup:


:tup: i like it. what i’d really like to see are some detailed specs on the car. i guess we’ll just have to wait and see :slight_smile:


The front needs some work. Looks to much like an MR2 Spyder. They need to make it look just like the old one IMHO. Those cars are fucking amazing.

:tdown: to the pic posted above.


yea they’ve been “speculating” on what the new supra could look like for years now. i wouldn’t beleive anything just yet


I would rock that esp. if it has a v8 in it! But like posted all above, just wait patiently for real pictures


Is not official and it definitely needs some more work in the design





i like it…looks cool


A 5 liter V8? I like 5 liter V8’s.


not diggin the wheels…they look like something off a new Lambo…

and not diggin how big the thing looks…

but as a whole, i guess i could dig it…