New UltraFICO Scores


Get ready for more McLarens at Cars & Coffee:

With the UltraFICO™ Score, consumers are empowered to contribute their checking, savings or money market account data to be leveraged by the score, providing an unprecedented and broader view for lenders to assess credit worthiness.

Not a bad idea really, but I’m sure some millennials have their parents maintaining their checking & savings accounts.


lmao at your comment, I’d be down for an ultra score

EDIT: But if your score is near perfect or even above an 800, would this even be beneficial?


This is a really horrible idea


I have heard financial people say, “If your credit score is really high like above 725 it is as high as it ever needs to be.”
I guess maintaining my 840 is a waste of effort. lol


What exactly goes into ‘maintaining’ a score. I manage my money well, pay down debt on time and that’s about it. I checked the other day for an pre-auth on an auto loan, mid 800’s. :shrug:


In my experience, anything over 720 was great but didn’t get you anything else. Thing may have changed since then though.


Giving some unregulated industry more info about you that they ship off/sell/do whatever with…Also they all this with pretty much no say from you.


I read a comment the other day that this was more about getting FICO into China since China doesn’t have credit scores, but they do have bank records, etc.


China doesn’t need FICO anyways they build profiles off all the people who live there including banking/social media/etc


Oh yeah, that social credit stuff is crazy.

My point wasn’t that China needs FICO, but that FICO needs China; they’re trying to bring their services there.


So if you post online that to hate Hillary your interest rates will increase? :slight_smile: