Newbie in E-town

Hey all, New to the forum my name is Sean and hopfully will be new to the club. I am on my second spec v bought a 2002 and loved it but I had to sell it needed the cash$$. But I bought a 2004 only mod I have @ this time is CAI. I am a Nissan/Datsun freak I have a 72 510 that is waiting for $$. O ya my Dogs name is Datsun as well.
I really want to be in Red Deer on the 7th but work is a must. I would like to come to the next meeting and will be @ Namao for hot laps I will bring my little bro he just bought an 2005.5 SRT ACR. If some one could tell me when it is I cant seem it find the posst anymore and on the calader it is in sept I thought it was in Aug.
Any way looking forward meeting some new car freeks :partyman:

sorry I posted in the wrong area I just found the intro post area
SD :axe:

Hey, and welcome to the NECC. I’ll move this to the intro section if you don’t mind.

Ya, the calendar is a bitch to change and what not, but I’ll get on that asap. lol.

do u have any pics of the 72 510?

Welcome to the forum!