New here

Hey all!

This is me first post on here, so er…Hi!

Real Name: Kris Hassett
Age: 25
Location: Stony Plain
Workplace: Currently Unemployed
Car: 2004 Sentra SE-R Spec V

(Installed) Nismo Cold Air Intake
(Yet to Install) Greddy Evo 2 Exhaust, Hotshot header, Stainless midpipe, Energy Suspension Motor Mounts, Stainless Brake & Cutch Lines, Ghetto O2 Simulator, CF Cubby Cover.

Near Future Mods: Nismo Front & Rear Swaybars, Nismo Lower Tie Bar, Nismo Coilovers, Nology Hotwires, Apexi Superground

How I heard about NECC: On Was suddenly really sorry I hadn’t found the club in the summertime.

Hobbies: Cars (Duh! ), Weightlifing/Bodybuilding, Video Games, trying to be funny.

I’ll attach a picture of the car when I get one worth showing, but it looks exactly like this:

Anyway, was just wondering if tomorrow’s meet (November 7th) would be a good time for newbs to show up, or if you’d prefer to handle club business without a professional smartass you don’t know around? :smiley:

Oh, and I was also just wondering, the membership fee on the webbie is $20, but on the sign up sheet, it is listed as $30, so which is the right one?

Thanks very much! :slight_smile:

It’s $20, changing the one on the form from $30 is just a real bitch to do, and I don’t know how to do it. lol.

Welcome to the NECC.

Yeah, feel free to come to the meeting. We’ll be discussing some business kinda stuff, but thats only for a little bit. You’re more than welcome.


Sounds great!

I’m pretty sure I can make it. About the only thing that would stop me would be some snow tomorrow, since I haven’t switched over the Z rated tires on the Spec yet. They aren’t made for winter slaloming, that’s for sure. :smiley:

Oh, and I guess finding the table won’t be all that hard. I’ll just ask the waitress if she’s seen any ricers around… j/k :lol:

You ass. You insult us the second day on the boards. :guns

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…I’d forgotten all about that. :smiley:

I can see the reaction went over well since it was the last post made in my intro. :smiley:

And he wondered why no one was talking to him at first!! lol j/k

I vote that we ban his ass! :axe:

HA HA HA. Do it man, you’d be doing me a favor. I think I need to get out of the house more. :smiley:

NOOOOO, stay in SP! and stop taking our chicks away! :axe: