Newman's 1986 BMW 326rb build thread.


Have you heard?





glad the clutch feels nicer now =)


awesome, now come help me figure out why my clutch pedal feels like poo.:frowning: and i can hardly shift.


glad that bracket didn’t leave you stranded.

it’s an E36, and they’re a pita to bleed. two fool job, SLAM the pedal, and close the bleeder as it goes thunk! those and Audi TT hydro clutches are the 4th circle of hell to bleed if they don’t want to cooperate.


nah, i know how that gay crap goes, done it many times. I ordered up a new slave and master because i noticed the slave piston was sorta wet. It could just be my trans too i guess.


seen this the other day at the mall. i have to admit when i first saw this color i saw like :confused: but it looks pretty awesome in person! sounds great too!


495whp/400ft-lb at 25.5psi… On a mustang dyno… that’s enough for pump gas I think… :slight_smile: More later…




:tup: whats that equate to on a dynojet


Wow thats great numbers man. Good job!


Solid #s for sure. :tup: That thing must get LOOSE.


Nice! What do you think the car weighs?

RWD, probably 10-15% higher


We just dialed in boost by gear so it’s drivable in the first three gears. We ended up at 12 psi in 1st and 2nd gears, 16ish in 3rd, 22 ish in 4th, and in 5th it will probably run 23-24 from the extra load at the same duty cycle as 4th gear, but that’s for Newman to find out. :slight_smile:

With full boost from 4500-8000+ rpm this thing has a massive torque band.


I just did a pull on the XXX… wot in 4th til redline… OMFG… spinning at 120 is scary… :smiley:

This thing goes 110 in 3rd gear…

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The car weighs 2700 lbs wet.


Will you PLEASE buy a real tire. you home? Shoot me a text ya mo


I’m home… I’m whooped. I see a mickey street radial in my future.


Jesus christ that’s scary lol.

:tup: to the boost by gear. That’s neat.


Cool give me a buzz tomorrow I need to acquire things from your garage(POWERBLEEDER!!!)

It will be neat when he gets MT’s and his boost by gear is 20-20-21-22 lol