Next Level Package Thief Trolling


And he gets more than one use out of it, lol.


Been a subscriber to his channel forever.


That was awesome.


Over 28 million views in a day. That package design wasn’t cheap but it has more than paid for itself now.

I do wish he would have included some 3m spray adhesive to fire after the glitter bomb went off though. :slight_smile:


I was saying today it should have been something like roofing tar.


He should make a “feces flinger” next. Then after that a “vomit launcher”. I want package thieves to be psychologically scarred, like maybe end up eating some shit or someone else’s puke.


That might be considered assult, lol. Maybe he should fling ants?


Only if they’re cannibal ants. They eat the person then eat themselves so there’s no cleanup or evidence.


Still waiting for Texas to pass a castle doctrine type law aimed at porch pirates that makes it legal to use explosives. :smile:


IMO, it didn’t use the fart spray long enough. Should have just unloaded the entire container as soon as it was opened.