Nextel users.

Any Nextel users here? Is anyone aware of any changes that are going to take place now that Sprint bought Nextel Partners?

Don’t get Nextel, I have it and I think ripping out my intestines through my
left ear, shoving it back down my throat, pulling them out my asshole and
then hanging me from a tree with them would be more fun that having Nextel.

:word: I hate my phone

too late I have had it since July. I do know in non Nextel Partners markets things are a bit better phone wise at least. I have never had a problem with the service itself.

They upgraded their text messaging from the stipupid browser based inbox to the standard inbox and features every other carrier uses.

Other then that the service has been good. Signal quality will depend a bit on the phone you use. I got a i860 and am happy with it.

I have the i730…lookin into gettin the Blackberry 7100.