Nick Hogan totals his Supra, hurt pretty good.

oops, that sucks.
pics of the car

didnt see that coming…


hmmmm…atleast it wasnt Brooketini

Probably driving like an ass

cant wait till that episode airs, too bad the show is about 4 or 5 months behind when it actually happened. So it wont be for a while proly. But thats how all reality shows are. Why is his last name bollea?

wow… that was pretty bad…


ugh drifters suck at life… tanner faust please forgive me.

no the pics of the car…

o ok lol

an article i just read somewhere on the web … (maybe AOL news) said that is their actual last name.

I cant believe u guys thought his name was actually Hogan…:picard:

Maybe it really says Hulk instead of Terry on the old mans birth certificate

well, at least another yellow car is off the road…


Ehh… thats too bad…


One episode documented the son’s interest in a type of high-speed car racing known as “drifting.”

Shelor said there was no evidence of drag racing or “drifting” in Sunday’s wreck.

:lol: @ the Granny shifting pic.

Haha, Darwin wins again!

17, was the driver of a Toyota Supra that went out of control while driving at a “high rate of speed”

good mix.