Nissan Leaf ($25k, 100m Range, 100% Electric) VS. Chevy Volt?


recharges itself at 37mpg…not impressed

leaf is the winner, hands down, although I’ll be waiting at least 5 years before I consider any electric car for myself.


I was all set to buy a Leaf next year, but after seeing pics of the Focus Electric, I might wait another year and get that once it hits our market. Plus I work for Towne, and we have a Ford dealer.

MUCH better looking than the Leaf, and better looking than the next regular Focus, same 100 mile (real world more like 70) mile range, imagine this in that bright green the Fiesta comes in…


Umm… it doesn’t recharge itself fully at 37 mpg (or at all if not in Mountain mode). It only recharges fully with a plug.


All mountain mode does is maintain a 40% charge on the battery. If one is in mountain mode and the battery is over 40% the generator wont turn on.


ok, sorry, it “sustains itself” at 37mpg… either way, it still blows


just sayin, i hate misinformation thats all lol. i spent 6 weeks with the car. im sick of it too.


Get ready for $.15/gallon tax AND a 6.5% VAT tax on top of that. PLUS add in the fact that our govt keeps printing money making foreign oil even more expensive it will probably be closer to $5.00/gallon before you know it. This is why I got on the LEAF list early.


Interesting to perspective:

Electric vehicles are expected to get four to five miles per kilowatt-hour. For someone clocking 15,000 miles a year, that would work out to 3,000 to 3,750 KWh. To fully recover lost fuel excise taxes might mean tacking on another 8 to 15 cents a kilowatt-hour, roughly doubling the national average cost for electricity.

Good article about the cluster that the govt is setting themselves up for. Incentivizing an action that will result in decreased tax revenue. More simply put, paying someone $7,500 to drive something that will result in a $200 decline in tax revenue a year (15k miles times 30 mpg ~40 cents a gallon fed/state/local). The govt is going to need to make up the money somewhere.


^Cliffs… The govt is why we can’t have nice things. I swear they are convinced that they need fuck up ANYTHING good.


I guess the first LEAF will be sold tomorrow. I figure Buffalo will see some in aboot 6 months to a year. lol


Well now I know why Nissan has not been pestering me to purchase the LEAF I ordered…,0,6342562.story

They had their big online sales crap on December 10th to sell less than 10 cars?!? What a joke.



I am surprised to hear there are 452 in the US. I thought there were only about ten. They have had my down payment for 10 months and I have heard nothing from Nissan other than stupid marketing BS like an iphone app for the car. That would be swell IF THEY ACTUALLY DELIVERED MY CAR! I am starting to feel scammed. As I wait for my new Nissan I spend more money on repairs for my current Nissan(wife’s Xterra) which makes me wonder about Nissan quality. I have put thousands into it while my mother-in-law’s Toyota 4runner of the same vintage has had virtually no repairs.


this isn’t the first time you’ve mentioned xterra repairs, but i have to say I am really surprised. I beat the piss out of mine and I’ve only ever replaced a handful of inexpensive parts.


Like any manufacturer, there are bound to be a handful of “problem” cars that hit the public. The % is small, but it’s expected in mass production that a few lemons may slip through.


not saying anything but msn autos ranked Nissan as one of the most unreliable car manufacturers with some like 200+ problems per 100 cars produced. Mini took first place which i definitely agree with.

And +1 for Toyotas being made of 100% win. Shits indestructable


3.5 years and 45k on mine and I needed a new fuel sending unit under warranty. Oh and one of the power outlet covers snapped off. Not bad so far.


Cadillac ELR confirmed today. Built on the Volt platform. I’d rock it over either of these by far.


Fuckin tasty. I hope it really looks like that. Wheels suck a bit, but I wouldn’t kick em outta bed.


Being the type of car it is. This is pretty damn good looking. Definitely turn a few heads.