Nissan Leaf ($25k, 100m Range, 100% Electric) VS. Chevy Volt?


It’s going to be a while before oil costs enough for one of these makes sense for anyone who doesn’t “want” an all electric car. They’ll still sell some to those who do “want” an all electric car and are willing to pay a premium for it.



I’d be willing to bet at least half those pre-orders are hollywood types who think their Prius just isn’t giving off a big enough douchebag vibe anymore. :slight_smile:


You guys also have to take in account future plans with driving a full on electric car (or any other tiny, fuel conscious “green” automobile). In London, you don’t pay tolls on the roadways if you have an electric smart car. With smart cars right now in NYC, you can park anywhere you can fit pretty much, even if it’s perpendicular to the curb. Some parking lots discount heavily for smart cars. For commuters in major metropolitan areas, these things may be very much more logical to own than typical gas sippers.


Hollywood types don’t buy 20k dollar cars.




I paid $99 to reserve my Leaf. I had to answer a few multiple choice questions one of which was about my commute. None of the options were accurate. I guess I am the only person in the USA to have a “rural” commute. All of the choices included words like urban, suburbs, short, long, etc. How about a nice 15 mile cruise through the country? WTF?
Also they asked about my house for charging purposes, I will be charging at work. That I can understand is not too common.



That’s actually a good idea to charge it at work since you can claim fuel costs as a business expense :slight_smile:


Kind of says something about the demographic they’re expecting to buy this thing doesn’t it?


^Annnnnnd Springville is CHEAP electric. :carnut:

I’d be willing to bet that my electric bill won’t even change because our billing and usage.
So I will be saving tons in gas costs but not paying much at all for electric. Maybe I will start a charging service station. LOL


This thing is the reason they need to perfect wireless electricity transmission. Then we can all get one and charge at work. :snky:


^They do have that (induction). Maybe not perfected but…


charge at work? how about charge while driving down the road next to power lines


Looks like progress is being made for fast charging


Sometimes it takes longer than that to pump gas. Maybe eventually you can charge at red lights. just sayin…


i personally think they are pretty cool, I wouldn’t buy one new but I would definitely look into a pre owned prius before a new corolla or civic


New Lance Armstrong commercial:


you sounds like your on drugs but i do agree with the technology statement but then again thats simply how things work


^^ “Nissan LEAF, its as fast as a bike.” LOL

Nissan sent me a survay the other day and the way I answered the questions make me feel I will be bumped way down the waiting list.


Any rough time estimate until you’ll get yours?


No but, one of the survey questions was “Will you be buying in the next 2-3months?” :gotme:

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Most of the questions on the last survey were about warranty. I basically said I will not buy one without a long warranty because of battery cost and resale value. They asked about 5year/60000 mile and I said “no way”. They also asked about buying more warranty but I still don’t even know the exact price of the car yet and it all comes down to the bottom line. Of course there was no way for me to say that in the questions which was sort of lame. That is what I hate about surveys, you can’t really relay EXACTLY what you feel. The other thing about filling out a survey online is that you can’t read all of the questions first before answering.