Nissan Leaf ($25k, 100m Range, 100% Electric) VS. Chevy Volt?


I am not sure now if I ever want to own another Nissan. West Herr service called about my wife’s Xterra… Audi’s are cheap to own. lol 70,000 miles on the Nissan and 130,000 miles on the Audi and Nissan is catching up quick on repairs.
I have about $20,000 total in the Audi and about $33,000 in the Xterra then factor in deprication and the Audi wins by a mile.

Most of the parts I have replaced hopefully don’t even exist on the LEAF. LOL


Well hopefully they at least give you a solid warranty on the Leaf.


I really think that is the key for me.


I barely do ANY maintenance on my Nissan Xterra…You must be doing it wrong


Just wait. :slight_smile:


Damn, and i wanted an Audi A4 for a winter DD… thought it would be reliable.


I’ve have owned it for like 4-5 years now


^What year is it? Mileage?


2000, odo reads 66k, but there is an odo rollback on the carfax


^“They don’t build em like they used to.” lol

Just got word from West Herr for the damages on the Xterra $667 not including $695 for an axle seal whatever the f**k that is!


Volt pricing and details coming tomorrow.


Nice. Think it will be around $25k incentives included? I haven’t been following their estimates.


Closer or over $30k. Costly Cobalt


Well looks like Lutz was spot-on, once again, when he quoted $40k about a year ago. Nothing published yet but that is the word flying around this morning.
Net the tax rebate out and you are at $32.5k.


General Motors Co. has priced its Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid at $41,000, including a shipping fee, and plans to tell consumers that the cost covers a peace of mind that’s missing from other electric vehicles.

The price of the Volt, which debuts in October or November, compares with the $32,780 that Nissan wants for its Leaf electric vehicle, which goes on sale in December. Buyers of both cars are eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit.

GM says the Volt can travel as far as 40 miles on battery power before it switches to its gasoline-powered engine. The Leaf is an all-electric vehicle advertised as having an estimated 100-mile range before drivers need to recharge.

GM’s research and its experience with the EV1 electric vehicle in the 1990s indicate that customers interested in electric vehicles also want the peace of mind provided by the Volt’s onboard engine, U.S. marketing chief Joel Ewanick said today on a conference call with reporters.

“Our strategy will be, ‘It’s more car than electric,’ ” Ewanick said. “They’re looking for a real car. They’re looking for a car that will meet their transportation needs, that gives them no anxiety. …

“You can drive it across the country without having to recharge, and our competition can’t do that.”

Competitive lease

Despite the Volt’s higher suggested retail price, GM most often will lead Volt advertising with its lease deal – $350 a month for 36 months after a $2,500 down payment, Ewanick said. That compares with the Leaf’s $349 a month for 36 months after $1,999 down.

The Volt can offer a competitive lease because of high residual values stemming from outsized demand and the 8-year/100,000-mile warranty on its lithium ion battery system, said Ewanick, who left Nissan North America in May to join GM.

Lease restriction

The lease is only available for residents of zip codes in launch markets, he said, although any customer can pay cash for a Volt from a participating dealer. GM will initially launch the Volt in California; Michigan; New York City; Austin, Texas; and Washington, D.C.

Not a horrible price on the lease


Can you still get the tax credit with the lease? I’d definitely do that. Eliminates long-term battery concerns too since it’s long gone by then.


Chevy Volt Hybrid? no care. Hybrids are ghey. Who would drive a Volt across the country?


I dont really consider it a hybrid since the gas motor doesn’t drive the car. More like a house/factory with gas generators for backup when needed.


I already have a generator, no need to pay another 10 grand or whatever for another one. :smiley:

I wonder what AAA rates will be on the LEAF. lol I would think/hope there is a reserve button for people that think they can push it another 2 miles. lol


Nope. My guess is that since you do not own the vehicle the rebate goes to the lease company hence why the price is reasonable.