Nissan Leaf ($25k, 100m Range, 100% Electric) VS. Chevy Volt?


The latest…


Damn California offers another $5k incentive? So you can get the leaf for $20k-ish?

… It’s cool but with California being broke, where are they getting the $5k, lol :gotme:

An 8 year, 100k mile warranty is much better than I thought too :tup:


^It doesn’t matter where they get the money from, it makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. lol


first public quick-charge station is up and running in Portland.

oh, hai nissan leaf


$3 to park, free to charge your car, 20 to 30 minutes of time to get an 80% charge. Not too bad.


for a first pass, it’s pretty cool


Hey Blue Eye’d - Looks like you can probably get this thing under MSRP:

"Just days after reporting that at least one Chevrolet dealer said that eager buyers will have to fork over an additional $20,000 to get their hands on Chevy’s highly anticipated Volt, the My Nissan Leaf forum is now suggesting that Leaf buyers may actually be able to drive off the lot in the much-hyped electric car for less than MSRP…

… while almost all of them stated that they will sell the Leaf at MSRP, a couple committed to dropping the price by as much as $1,000. This news virtually puts an end to any thought of price gouging coming from the Nissan camp and makes the Leaf an even better bargain"


No, you do not get the tax incentive. I am waiting for Paddock to get one in the door, and they are going to call me for a test drive. I will report back.


It will be nice if Nissan knocks off $1000.:tup:
December is the worst time to get an electric car in Buffalo.:tdown:


how much is the range reduced at say, 0 degrees out?


^With a hat and gloves or…? lol
Electric heat doesn’t take much energy does it? lol
Hopefully the high tech batteries will work in zero temps.


Realistically speaking, I’d bet that 85% of us on here could easily make due with driving a soley electric DD such as this. I like it.


0-60 IN 11.5? LIKE WOAH! (According to a Motor Trend I just read.)

I don’t need the 100 mile range so hopefully there will be a mod that makes it much faster but only go say 50 miles.:smiley:


GM has now confirmed, late in the game, that the Volt can, in some situations, use the ICE to power the wheels. This came to light after Motor Trend was allowed to test the car for three long drives and discovered:

However of particular interest, when going above 70 mph in charge sustaining mode, and the generator gets coupled to the drivetrain, the gas engine participates in the motive force. GM says the engine never drives the wheels all by itself, but will participate in this particular situation in the name of efficiency, which is improved by 10 to 15 percent.

This is exactly the opposite of what GM has been saying for years – most recently in June, when GM spokesman Rob Peterson told AutoblogGreen that there was no mechanism in the Volt to drive the wheels even if the engineers wanted too. Or, at least, that’s what we heard. Peterson told AutoblogGreen today that the “news”:

is consistent with everything we’ve said to date. The new “news” is that we can tell the complete story as our key patent has been allowed by the US patent office. The Volt is an electric vehicle with extended range as the Volt has full battery electric performance at all speeds when there is charge in the battery.

Yeah interesting to see how they will market this one. Seems more like a super Prius than a Leaf competitor.


it’s only a super prius if the prius doesn’t catch up / one-up it after it launches which I suspect they probably will.

as a tax payer I feel lied to by GM and I’m a little pissed.


^It’s amazing what a little competition can do for development. A couple years ago electric cars could never work, it will be interesting to see where they are in another couple years. Only time will tell.


Damn. So much for this story:


Eh, who cares… anyone driving a Volt at over 70 mph with a depleted battery isn’t looking for energy-efficiency. Besides, the car is designed as a commuter, and as such, will live within the battery range most of the time. Not sure where the “lying” is, if they can get the design to work that way… call it the electric version of a “lockup torque converter”


The problem now is who’s going to spend $41,000 for the Volt when you can get a Prius (which appears to get better mileage and is proven) for $28,000 max.

And the original 40 mile EV range was “revised” to 25 to 50 miles. It looks like some tests are showing that it’s got to be almost perfect conditions to reach near 40;


Maybe with a little more bailout money they would have gotten the range they needed. :gotme: :smiley: