Nitrous Blow down tube

OK, I am going to run 1/4 mile next week at PRP. Will they know if I have Nitrous if I don’t tell them? They will probably hear it I am guessing. Anyways, do they require that I have a blow down tube if the bottle is in the trunk? If so I may have to sneak the bottle in. Do they ask if you are running nitrous when you register…let me know. And if anyone has a “homemade” way of making one let me know! Thanks

you can use steel braided line for your blow down tube

and where would i get this pep boys, and i take it the valve is already on there?

possibly yourgonna need a fitting for over the pressure bypass cap that will fit onto the hose and then run the hose outside your car

and yes if you run on sport compact night they will see the solenoids when they tech you

telling everyone you plan on cheating before an event is not such a good idea considering the frequency most of our members are at the track…

:blah: not cheating to go faster…to save money

i consider that cheating i dunno about any1else… :dunno:

not looking to win any event, just to be allowed to run

how will you save money? you aren’t goin to win all motor even with a bottle

i thought you didnt need a blowdown tube for an in-trunk application. thought that was for hatchbacks

oh my god!!! you people are nuts!!! 1 simple questions 1.) DO I need a blow down tube if it is in the trunk?

When did I say I was going for an event?..going up for test and tune…so quit jumping the F*cking gun people …jesus I never even ran 1/4 mile before, just wanted to know if I can run with the zex kit thats all

if you aren’t goin for an event then why would you hide the bottle?

hahaha yea I’d be more worried about safety than how sneaky you can be at the track…so CHILL OUT!!!


You don’t need a blowdown tube if your bottle is mounted in the trunk.

If you have a hatchback, or if the bottle is mounted in the passenger compartment, then you are required to have a blowdown tube.

You’ll be fine without one.

Thank you kind sir :smiley: This could have been a one reply thread…I think people on here just want high thread counts? In NO way am I trying to be sneaky against racers…just trying to get through any tech without having to spend like 75 on the blowdown…Thanks

ITs cool. You got ur answer. /thread