No email notification for PM?

Ive gotten a bunch of PM’s lately (yea, im kind of a big deal)

And i have not been getting the email notifications for them. Checked my spam folder in gmail and they arent there… Any ideas?

are they turned on in the usercp?

nope, check marked

Same thing is happening to me. I’m getting no email responses at all for any PMs or subscribed threads.

It started happening after Karma was turned on :gotme:

Karma is a bitch


Try now.

Still nothing for me. Viper?

its broken i havnt gotten any all day


I just got 2 of them from posts made today. We’ll see if I get anymore.

got a PM email

yeah I got 2 PM emails, received either 4 or 5…whatevs though, not like I don’t check here before I check my email %99 of the time

BUMP, this has been happening to me lately. I’d say for the last couple weeks, I have received a few PMs but not one e-mail notification about them. Any ideas?

Hum no clue. Still getting email notifications for thread responses?

I have never received notifications for thread responses, but I don’t believe I have ever checked that option. The only time I have received e-mails in the past was for PMs (which was all I ever really needed). It’s not a huge deal since I’m on here daily but it would still be nice to know when I get a PM outside of having to sign in.

Still no dice on this. The only e-mail notifications I’ve ever received in the past were for receiving PMs (which is all I ever needed). No clue why it’s not working anymore for me.

I have been getting them… weird.

Mike’s been working on solving stuff involving this. PM me your email address so I can check if it’s accurate in the database still.

Hot damn, someone else having this issue?

I thought it might of just been me… For the last few months, no emails from PMs.

My email is up to date.
Nothing in spam folder.
I have Email notification of new PM set.

It just stopped coming in, I don’t think I made any changes around that time.