No inspection, no taxes, free registration!

Ok ok ok not totally free but much better then most.

So apparently in Montana you don’t have to pay sales tax on a car. You also don’t need an inspection. Sucks if you don’t live there right?! WRONG

You can start an LLC in Montana for about $500. Then you register the car to the LLC and they will mail you plates for it! That’s right I’m starting to get mine now actually. So say you buy a $30K car and have to pay $2800 in taxes, don’t! Just get Montana tags. (Fee is like $180 per car and .5% of value.)

Check it out its legit. I know a few guys here in Texas that do it with their super cars to avoid a 10K tax bill year year.

Check out the below. This can Deff save you money and hassle if you have multiple expensive cars, buy and sell cars often, or just want to avoid state inspection.

Not worth getting hassled about my Montana plate by the police. Same reason my two trailers are still NY registered instead of Maine.


"Your name doesn’t appear anywhere on the Registration. Your Driver License will be in your name and a REGISTRATION of the RV in the name of the LLC. This is NOT THE SAME as registering a MH out of state in YOUR OWN NAME to a fictitious or relative/friends address… Do not confuse this with people registering it in Oregon or elsewhere under their own name while living in some other state. This is illegal in all states. Most people on Forums talk about a Judge in AR or people from CA going up to OR. This is NOT THE SAME.

An LLC is a separate entity it is NOT you. You or others may have shares in it all “owners” are considered partners. LLC’s do not have to make a profit and it doesn’t pay taxes. All profits or losses if any are reported on your personal Tax form. The Federal Government (IRS) has no interest in your LLC other than looking at your income or loss reported on your PERSONAL tax form concerning the LLC. "

I might give this a shot with a next car I need to setup a LLC anyways for something else :tspry:

If a cop hassles you about an out of state plate he is retarded, that is not probable cause. Plus I’ll take the $5,000+ dollars in savings over a hassle now and then.

Like stated above the vehicle is owned by the LLC, which is in turned own by you so its all legal and legit. This is a GREAT option if you want to open an LLC for other things such as owning weapons with silencers, full auto weapons, or other business reasons.

How many cops are going to understand the LLC thing :lol:

I had cops give me a hard time about Texas plates/license living in NY but they have no way to prove you’re not there for school etc

True cops don’t have to be smart, but once they run the plate and realize its registered to a company I’d hope the wheels in their head might turn a little.

LLC names?! GO

For me I’d like to be able to have some full auto guns and maybe some sub 18" shot guns for around the house legally as well.

I just sent this to my accountant buddy to see what he has to say.

You don’t honestly think this works for guns across state lines do you?

Yes it does in TX. In TX you can’t legally own a full auto, silencer or sbr. So if a trust or LLc owns it (regardless of LLC or trust location) all you have to do is buy a tax stamp in TX for the weapon you are keeping in that state. So for a SBR you need to pay Texas $200 wait 6 months and get all your paper work completed. Then you will have a weapon owned by your LLC with a valid Texas stamp.

I need a name also I am buying a code signing cert but need a LLC first.

Secure Trusted Software LLC


That’s pretty cool. Won’t work here in nazi occupied NY though.

In for results and accountant rebuttal

hmmm if i had out of state plates would i have to follow NYS tint laws? Montana has good tint laws only 24% light must come in front windows


Current Plates:

4 other plates are available with no special charge. Will update soon, sorry for the previous formatting error.

Hrmmm… I might do this too. Mostly because I need to setup up an LLC as well for a small business venture.

In for results.

someone post quick results as I take delivery on a new car in 30 days or less and it may save me some $$. I was planning on using a Delaware llc for my ventures, but Montana may not be bad. More research is required. What I am most interested in is the yearly maintenance fee after the initial several hundred is dropped.

No word from my buddy yet. This is his busy time of year though with EOY and tax season fast approaching.

This seems like something NY would snap case over

In for the first NYSpeeder to go jail for tax evasion via their Montana shell company to save $1000 in tax on their high mileage luxury sedan. :lol: