No inspection, no taxes, free registration!


Delaware is one of the only states that do not have maximum interest rates, that is why you mail your credit card payment there.

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I am going to seriously look into Montana because a)I have wanted to get out NY for quite a while b) Montana is one of my top choices of where to go. c) Just today NY screwed me a little deeper in the ass. I can’t explain now but I am super pissed. My company has been bringing millions of dollars into this state every year for several decades and they just continue to show how little they appreciate it.


yeah but if you move to montana you have to live in montana…


I’d move to Montana in a flash.


Montana is Big Sky Country!


I know in Washington State (not sure about NY) you have 30 DAYS to change your tags over to WA tags when you become a resident of this state.

Basically, if you have Washington DL, you need Washington tags

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Also, Montana is bad ass if you like to speed.

25mph over the speedlimit = $40 fine, paid on the spot.

most speedlimits are 75…and rarely enforced.

Gun laws… lol, if you don’t own a gun in MT, people will look at you funny.


Paid on the spot, like into the cop’s pocket?


If you are driving someone else’s car this does not apply, obviously, thus the LLC.

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Also remember more of Montana’s awesomeness… They are making guns and told the Feds they can’t do anything about it because they are for internal use only and not interstate commerce. WINNING!


i suspect the Feds could do the same shit that they did when they got the stupid Supreme Court to agree that growing weed in your backyard for your own use is interstate commerce, because it affects the overall supply or some horseshit like that.




The cop writes the ticket… and then you can pay him cash, and he puts the cash with the carbon copy of the ticket… this is Montana, not Mexico


If you don’t have cash you must give him your cousin’s phone number


you’re too pretty for Montana


You can do this all via fax.

Yeah, it’s legal. However, conflict laws between states, means your home state/state of residency will win. Granted, there’s probably thousands of people that do this and only several have action taken against them. Most states aren’t going to pursue it, unless it’s brought to their attention.


A lot of companies set up their LLC out of state and do not “operate” in that state. this is just one of the perks of doing so.
llc is not a corporation btw. it’s not illegal what-so-ever. however you probably have to do some business. just drop ship car performance parts lol.

and i believe you will have to follow NYS laws for car modification , other than plate law
you would not be changing your license so it’s not a big deal as far as living here, but being registered there since it’s a company and not you personally

my talon was registered under a corporation for insurance and my name was on the title. You just have to talk with your insurance company about driving privileges


Bump. How they’re catching people in Georgia. Using the “Peach Pass” like NY’s EZ Pass to find cars on the street, etc:


As someone who has to pay tax on all his vehicle purchases it doesn’t bother me at all that they’re going after the guys with supercars that are dodging their taxes.

It’s pretty simple. Does your Montana LLC exist for anything other than tax avoidance on your car? No? Then you’re probably screwed. If like LZ said earlier in this thread you’re actually using that LLC on your books for a business maybe you’ve got a legal leg to stand on. And no, I don’t mean you’re doing business IN Montana, just that you have books showing this LLC is actually a functioning corporation with income and expenses not just an empty shell that exists solely for vehicle sales tax avoidance.

This really comes down to the Napster phenomenon. When it was a few people doing it everyone just let it slide because it wasn’t worth the hassle. When you go to the local cars and coffee in Atlanta and most of the expensive cars there have a Montana tag it’s become too common to ignore.


My Miata is registered in Montana. I just really like the pretty plates <3